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Need helping find good quality basics

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    Need helping find good quality basics

    Hi All

    Long term blog reader but first time on the forums.

    I'm looking to give my wardrobe an overhaul and need some help. I'm going to be traveling and living overseas for the next year or so, and am need of some basics - plain shirts and t-shirts.

    What can you guys recommend for affordable, high quality, plain t-shirts? I usually buy American Apparel but you guys might have some better suggestions.

    I also need a couple of plain collared shirts for nights out. Something affordable good quality as above, and ideally doesn't need a lot of ironing.

    In terms of fit, I'm 6'1" and 165 lb (75kg) so am looking for something with a reasonably slim fit.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.



    Plain affordable collared shirt... Check out the Merona shirts that they sell at Target. The newish slim fit ones are fantastic for me, they run $25 but I got a couple on sale for $18. I've gotten tons of compliments on the two I bought already. They're the only collared shirts I've found that actually fit me pretty well without alterations, and I don't spend enough on shirts for it to be worth altering them. Try em out, see what you think.



      Frank and Oak. They're not as cheap as target, but the shirts are of great quality (if the one button down I ordered from them is any indication of their usual wares).



        Also worth noting, you get what you pay for... I like the target shirts because they're cheap, they fit well, and that's all I can afford. They probably won't hold up like a better one would. It's worth considering your budget and if you want to invest more in a better quality shirt.



          My favorite T-Shirt is the Lands' End Tailored Fit Super-T



            I bought some Pima Cotton BR V-necks when there was a 40% off sale. I then purchased 3 to get the three or more additional 20% discount. They ended up being about $8 each and I wear those more than anything else I've purchased. They're just so useful and these retain their shape and fit well.



              For great solid t-shirts at a reasonable price, I like Everlane. If you are not a member, here's my invite link:


              There's no benefit to me if you use my link.

              For shirts, I really like the Bonobos OCBD shirts:

              I love how they fit and on me and they are really well made in the US. However, they are expensive.

              If you haven't purchased from them before, Use code PANTSFORM for 20% OFF your first purchase. Also, my referral code will give you $25 off $75:

              If you use my link, I get a $25 credit but that's not why I'm recommending them.

              I haven't tried Ratio yet, but they also have a really good reputation for making great shirts. I think I'm going to order the deal below today to give them a try.


              Here's a deal that ends today to get a $98 credit to ratio for $60:

              On the cheaper end of the spectrum, I agree with @Philpot that Target's Merona brand is making some really nice looking slim fit and tailored fit shirts.



              These are nice casual shirts but I think you may need to size down, since I don't think that they are slim/tailored:



                Thanks for all the responses guys, much appreciated.