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Where to find versatile belts?

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    Where to find versatile belts?

    I'm starting grad school, and will need to be dressed business casual every day of the week. While my business professional wardrobe is in good shape, I need to find a good, versatile brown belt that can be dressed up (and ideally dressed down, when warranted). I've seen a lot of types of belts in a lot of price ranges. While I don't want to buy a cheap belt just to buy one, I also don't have a ton of money to spend on the purchase ($30 or less would be great).

    Can anyone suggest a good belt for me? Thanks for the help!


    Look for a full-grain leather belt with a tough buckle that will look good with wear. You could get a black belt (in karate!) for your most formal looks that gets special treatment. Brown belts are the work horses that you wear day in and day out.

    I'm looking to use an Allen Edmonds gift card (thanks to mdw) on a belt purchase because theirs are great.