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Levi's 513 vs. 514. Round 1. FIGHT!

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    Originally posted by hon140 View Post
    The reason I prefer the 514s - and why I'll never own 511s - is because, while I'm thin, I want my jeans to looks like jeans. Sure, maybe they are a little darker and better fitting than traditional American workwear, but that's what inspired them. Go to slim and you lose that feel. I'd just rather throw on a pair of midnight blue alpha khakis then go past the 514.
    Same boat here. I'm 6'1" and 150 lbs. I don't want to look like a twig. With skinny pants, I can look nearly invisible. The little bit of substance to a 514 is a perfect balance for me so that when wearing a sportcoat or sweater, I have an equal amount of mass on my lower half.

    I have slimmer stuff, but I don't need it...I just wind up looking like a toothpick.


      Every hardcore denimhead knows the 513 killz 514.

      Cant have a slim jean wit a large leg opening.

      Hellz man, 514 is almost bootcut. C'mon now!


        513s too tight in the pockets. Just size down in 514s instead.
        5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist


          Originally posted by Zack Malibu View Post
          I'd recommend the Scraper Dark, which is what I ordered/am currently wearing.
          The Scraper Dark were the first 513's I got and I love them. I subsequently got a pair of Virtuous 513's and I also love them even though they are almost completely different jeans.

          The cut is similar but the Scraper Darks are heavy and rigid while the Virtuous are light and stretchy, because of this I could do with 1" less on the leg.


            514s for me. I've got fairly sizable calf muscles, and these feel truly straight and fit me extremely well. Probably my second-favorite pair of jeans, ever. Personal fit is excellent, but keep in mind: Results may vary.

            I have a pair of GAP Premium Straight in a dark wash that are amazing; best jeans I've ever owned. Picked them up at an outlet of all places, more than five years ago.


              Bonobos slim straight jeans to me for like jeggings. I do like the slim straight Oxleys oxford cloth pant but the jeans are too tight.

              Gap also has some great Japanese selvage 13oz denim in slim fit and raw wash. $64 they are in the mail.


                Originally posted by Brent k View Post
                Bonobos slim straight jeans to me for like jeggings...
                Same here. I'm 6' 175-180lbs and work out, but only to what I'd call a "fit" level and shape. Always thought I had skinny legs --and certainly do from the knees down-- so it was sort of nice when I couldn't come close to buttoning a pair of Bonobo slim straight in my size (32 or 33 waist). Sizing up to to get ample enough material around the crotch and backside left the waist comically large.

                Just before my trip to the Bonobos fit store, I tried on a pair of darker wash 514s at Macy's and found the leg opening too large, as others have mentioned. But up top they were just about right. So I settled on a pair of Bonobos straight in a dark wash. They sent a pair 2-inches shorter than I ordered, but at least I'm getting to try them for a bit around the house to see how they stretch. (These are not the travel jeans, I'm just referring to normal cotton-denim stretch.)

                Right now I'd say the Bonobos are just okay. The wash makes them look a little cheap...too dark, in a way. And the quality of material and details feels markedly lesser than the pair of Lucky 121 slim straights I'm comparing them to. These Luckys --which I've never worn in the 6 months I've had them-- are too tight in the thighs, though. (To be clear: the Lucky 121s are slightly tighter in the thigh than the Bonobo straight, but much less so than the Bonobo slim straight.)

                Maybe tapering a pair of 514s is in my future.
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                  So as Levis is wont to do, they've once again re-numbered / altered their fits. What's the deal with the 513 vs the 514 today? Is the 513 still slightly tapered and slightly higher rise compared to the current 514?


                    God bless all of you. I have tried sizing up from a 33 to 36 waist in 514's and my thighs still are encased like sausages. I have 559's in 34's that fit weld ad I've tapered the leg back a good 1-1/2" or more.

                    Not to take the thread too off track, I've been looking at places like BR/GAP/JC/JCF/BRF for jeans since their cuts are a little more consistent when you go to order the same cut/size in different colors/materials.


                      Originally posted by Creature View Post
                      ...Not to take the thread too off track, I've been looking at places like BR/GAP/JC/JCF/BRF for jeans since their cuts are a little more consistent when you go to order the same cut/size in different colors/materials.
                      I gave up on finding Levis. I never found a store with enough variety of styles, sizes or washes to determine what I needed.

                      For what it's worth, I settled on Lucky Brand 121 Heritage Slim with the "Italian" denim.

                      An odd and confusing thing about Lucky: they have different price points within each style, separated by wash/color. The cheaper and, in my opinion, better looking wash jeans were so inconsistently made you'll laugh; I tried 5 pairs of supposedly identical jeans and found them all at least a size off in varying parts of construction. But then I tried the $30 more Italian denim wash. I was thinking "no way I'm paying more for ill-fitting crap from Lucky"... but they actually fit acceptably well and I got them; they are a much different jean. They have a minor amount of stretch that I can deal with; are just right in the thigh (room for boxer briefs, but not boxers), then slightly tapered at the knee and calf. The ankle is strangely too snug, but not enough that I've altered them. They are somewhat like a reverse Levi 514. At something like $129 they're not worth it. But with a christmas sale I got them for 30% off, making them a fair deal.

                      To summarize:
                      1. Lucky 121 Heritage Slim might work for those of you looking for 514, 513, etc.
                      2. Make sure to try the higher priced washes/color within the style.
                      3. The 221 Original Straight, in the Italian Denim, might also work...and I might get some to have a more casual option, if they go on sale again