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Non-khaki pants. Help.

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    Non-khaki pants. Help.

    I'm looking for advice / recommendations on pants which aren't tan-colored (khakis, chinos, etc.) Mostly in a black or gray. Trick is I'm not looking for suit-type or very dressy but something a little more business casual. Express Producer or Photographer pants just don't fit the bill. I've looked at some darker shades of chinos, but haven't found one that doesn't look too faded or just "off".


    Don't forget cords!

    Most people here would suggest that you avoid black pants. People often think that 'black goes with everything' but that does not mean it goes with everything well. Look for charcoals like so as well as the grays you mentioned. Slate maybe?

    Either way, I'd suggest you avoid black if you want to play it safe. I know I do!



      I've always been a fan of olive colored pants, but maybe that's too close to khaki for you. I'd second the cords though, especially chocolate brown! Something like gray herringbone can actually be good too.

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        Navy and olive chinos are where it's at for casual wear. For a little more formal, the gray flannel is a timeless staple. I'd avoid black for the reasons stated above, as well as the inherent formality that black entails.



          These are great:

          JCrew Factory Bedford Pant

          I have them in Navy, Light Hickory & Light Dusk.



            I just picked up a pair of these in Charcoal Heather on the clearance rack at my local Sears Lands End shop for $21:


            They had a full rack and some in the back. I guess gray wasn't a big seller this year, but they were exactly what I was looking for. The material is very thick. I plan to wear them to the office tomorrow for a meeting.