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A healthy discussion about pants leg break

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    I learned the guardsman hem when I first was taught to hem my own trousers. About a third of my trousers have been hemmed this way (by me). They have the slightest of breaks, 1/2 I suppose, but the slant saves me from constantly worrying that I might be showing an indecent amount of sock/ankle. I'm also 6'5." So, showing too much ankle just makes me feel as though my trousers are too short.



      Anyone is welcome to sing the praises of short pants, but as has already been mentioned, it's a look that will only impress a handful of other men and will strike everyone else as high water pants that you outgrew. If that's a trade-off you're willing to make, so be it. I'm up for it sometimes.

      Only thing I would disagree with in this thread is the comment that casual pants get more break and dress pants get less. It's totally the reverse. Casual provides for looser fits and more break. Formal requires sharp tailoring and the finely targeted break that goes along with it.



        @NC - That was pretty much what the commenter said, that casual pants provide for more break and that dress trousers call for less.



          Some great posts here.

          I keep thinking to myself in 3 years once the ankle bearing fad has died down you'll have a massive collection of men with a ton of pants hemmed to lengths which would be considered too short.

          "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



            Appropriate break is also tied to pant style. No break looks best on slim, tapered pants, but looks totally wrong on a straight leg pant. Straight leg looks best with a half break, in my opinion. Slim pants with anything more than the slightest of breaks look pretty off, too.

            The fact that your socks show is not an indication that your pants have too little break, however. It's perfectly acceptable to show a little bit of sock, especially when you are moving or sitting down.

            I tend to get my suit pants and dress trousers with a medium break. I find that the medium break is cleaner looking than a full break, but still conservative and not too "fashionable." A few of my casual pants have no-break... my jeans all have a half break.




              Great thread!

              I found that for my slim legs (and slightly curved inside at the bottom) no break to 1/4 break works best Anything longer, and the pant starts to break TO THE SIDES of my legs which looks as if my legs were broken - pretty ridiculous look, I tell ya.

              It took me a while to figure this out but I found my break.

              I agree with most posts here - it is a matter of personal preference - if you are young - go with the current trends - you can probably pull it off; if you are an older gentleman - a fuller and more conservative break will most likely be your choice...

              At the end of the day, wear what suits you best!