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    That price is too good to pass up. With two days left I expect it rise, but if I can get them below $150 I'll be shocked.



      It's not ebay, but 2 months ago, Joe from Dappered brought these boots to our attention: 0&startValue=1&selectedProductColor=&sortby=&id=20 064788&parentid=SALE_M_SHOES&sortProperties=+subCa tegoryPosition,+product.marketingPriority&navCount =40&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=SALE_M_SHO ES&popId=SALE_M&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=&cm

      Holy hell, that's a big link. Anyways, only size 8 is left, if anyone is interested. I love mine, but I must warn you that they run big. 1/2 size big.



        So, I'm not gunna get those shoes as they're already north of $160... Oh well.




          if you're looking for shoes like that. not cordovan though



            Ha, yeah. I've actually been watching those for a couple weeks.



              If misery really does love company, then I'll share my recent loss.


              Cordovan also. Was winning 'till last second, as always.



                I play the opposite game from that, I don't usually bid on anything until there are a few hours left.



                  I was doing that at first. Still ended up losing, though. I think it's safer for a person like me to just make a set price that I'm willing to pay and just stick with it. Otherwise, I WILL get into a bidding war in which if I do win, I still lose.

                  Since this thread opened, I've lost 6 auctions so far. Still got my hopes up, though.



                    $143 for Church cordovan is REAL good though. Those shoes are probably $900 new. The Alden ones I wanted were $161 when I said "No, thanks."



                      Yes, it was a steal even at $143. I just didn't have the OK from the almighty wife to go that high.

                      Still keeping my fingers crossed for something else to fall into my lap.



                        Posting shoes for the smaller footed guys today.

                        9E AE Park Aves. I know not everyone loves them, but they're still classic and these have a super low SB. Ends Sept. 22.


                        9D AE Byrons. Low SB for their condition. You can tell they never had trees in them, but they do look pretty good for the price. Ends Sept. 21.


                        9D Church wingtips. They look ok and it's hard to beat that SB. Church's SON!! Ends Sept. 21.


                        9D UK (10D US) Paul Smith wingtips. Seller claims they've only been worn once. Good shoe for F/W as they have a Dainite sole. Free shipping too! Ends Sept. 18.


                        9D Ferragamo wingtip tassel loafers, brand new. These are over my price max, but they're not THAT much over and they are straight ballin. Someone please buy these.




                          Shoes for the averaged size foot today.

                          10A J&M Cordovan Longwings. If you have narrow feet this is the deal of a lifetime. I have never seen cordovan for such a low price in such good shape. Ends Sept. 26.


                          10B Ferragamo suede bluchers. If D's give you a little too much room maybe these will fit you better. It's a shame they're narrow because they're well priced shoes that look pretty good. Ends Sept. 24.


                          10D Church's captoe brogue monkstrap. These shoes are ballin and at this price? Get outta here. Someone on here must buy these. Ends Sept. 25.


                          10D Ferragamo brown captoe double monks. Below $80 right now, but there's still a lot of time left on the clock. Ends Sept 25.


                          10D AE Grayson tassel loafers. Look very used and you can tell the soles have been replaced. For the price though, they're pretty good. Ends Sept. 22.


                          10D Testoni black leather Chukkas. Ok so these are BIN for $169 w/ free ship. Great price for these even though they're over my $125 limit. These are in great shape and have rubber soles for F/W.




                            Just found these beauties for whoever might fit in them. Look really good for the price. AE Strands in dark brown. 9.5D. Ends Sept. 23. TOMORROW!!




                              And I found these for myself. Still thinking about whether or not I really want them. I just like them cause they're Alden cordovan.




                                that they are, but they're kind of clunky, and you'll never wear them. If those strands were 9D's I'd be all over them.