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    Is there a Dappered Forum member discount involved?



      As to fit, I think I am on the wider side of a normal 10.5D, so I'd say these are on the slightly narrow side but still a D width.

      As to a Dappered discount, I could work something out. A member of the Dappered Forums can let me know via an eBay message, and I will cut 10% off.



        Ha, wow, I was just being funny, but if that gets you some sales then more power to ya! I wish I could buy them, but I'm a 9.5 in loafers.



          More 11.5 shoes for the big guys.

          11.5D Polo RL Suede wingtips. These babies are pretty nice for the $106 BIN. My only issue is the Polo tag that hangs off them. Maybe you could get a cobbler to surgically remove it.

          11.5D AE "Dress shoes." If the seller did a little research he would know they are the Clifton model. A little worn, you can tell they never had trees in them. SB at $65 is a bit steep because of the condition of the uppers, but these still have plenty of life and if you started to put trees in them the shape might come back. Ends Sept. 4th.

          11.5D Ferragamo brown captoe bals. Soles are worn but the uppers look surprisingly good. Ends Sept. 4th.

          Need a rain dress shoe? 11.5D AE Benton with a Vibram sole. Perfect for the upcoming F/W. Ends Sept. 4th.

          11.5D Moreschi black calf boots. These might be the steal of the day because these babies are straight fire. Ends Sept. 5th.



            Oh, my. Those boots are very, very tempting...



              So, can I toss in a request for some size 13 monsters?



                No kidding. I didn't realize 11.5 was considered a big size. Everything I've got is 13 or 14.



                  Alright, alright. Some SUPER big shoes this time.

                  UNWORN, 13D Paul Stuart black wingtips. Just under my eBay price limit (over it if you include shipping), but I think these are worth it and look awesome. Ends today, Sept. 6th.


                  13D Brooks Brothers black longwings. Banging for the SB at $50, BIN at $99. If you need longwings, look no further. Ends today, Sept. 6th.


                  13D AE Spectators. You all know you want this shoe. Brand new!! Ends Sept. 8th.




                    I'll join this game. continuing for the big guys, here's some park avenues in size 13 ending in 45 minutes! at $25 !




                      These are brown wingtips in 9.5D. Not sure of the brand. Can they be saved with some polish? Are they even worth it?




                        12.5D Church chukkas. Great boots for F/W at a really good current bid. If these were my size there's no way I'd lose this auction. Ends Sept. 12.




                          I just scored a pair of AE grayson loafers for $20.

                          these guys:

                          I've become sick at ebay-ing recently



                            Brown/cognac AE McTavish in 9D starting at $99


                            It's too small for me but it looks like it's in great condition.

                            My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                              A while back someone in this thread posted a shoe that was claimed to be cordovan. In reality it was not, but that's beside the point. If you know what to look for it is easy to distinguish between cordovan and any other leather. These shoes (that I hope to win) are cordovan, and you can tell by the rolls in the upper of the shoe. There are no creases in these babies.




                                And thanks to you, Albert, I passed on those shoes and some unlucky person picked them up for a price way above what i'd pay for non-cordovan.

                                I've learned to look for the "genuine cordovan" stamp and the creases (or lack thereof). Good luck on your bidding! (and glad we don't have the same shoe size)