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    Thanks, appreciate it!



      For guys with bigger feet today:

      10.5D Grenson wingtips. A little worn, but not bad. SB is just right. Ends today (Aug 31st).

      10.5D Trickers!!! Handmade in the UK! A little worn, but these are effing Trickers!! $100 BIN. SHWING!

      10.5D AE Park Aves. Completely refurbished by the AE factory. Basically look brand new. Bidding's at $52.50 right now. Ends Sept 1st.

      10.5D Alden shell cordovan captoe bluchers (medallion son!!). Look really good for $99. This might be the deal of the day. Ends Sept. 3rd.

      10.5D AE Ashland black wingtips. SB at $30. Look pretty good. Ends Sept. 4th.



        First off, thank you Albert. As a thrift store regular, this thread is godly.

        Secondly, curse you Albert. This thread will be the demise of my bank account. :P



          I can't believe I let those Cheaneys go for $65. I hope someone here bought them 'cause I am kicking myself hard.

          Keep posting, Albert. You are a godsend.



            Those cheaneys were a steal. I hope someone on here got them too.



              Even bigger sizes for today.

              11D AE Grayson tassle loafers. Look pretty good, still life left in the soles. Ends Sept. 4th.


              11D AE McAllister black wingtips. Real cheap SB at $7.99. However, these puppies have been beat to hell. It might be worth it to send em to AE for refurb immediately... Or just rock em how they are. Ends Sept. 1st.


              11E AE Polo two tone saddles. These look really good for the price at SB of $60. Plenty of life left in the soles. The only problem is the limited places you would wear these. Mostly a summer shoe. Ends Sept. 5th.


              11D Alden Indy boots. These look really good and are currently at $104. These will probably rise due to bidding, but still a solid find if you don't mind paying two bills for them. Ends Sept. 4th.


              11D Polo RL white suede bucks. Good summer shoe and these look pretty decent for an SB of $60. Ends Sept. 6th.




                Damn, didnt know this thread was being updated like this. I loved the cheaneys. The color was on point. Only thing, I am a 10.5

                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                  anything for those of us who wear size 11.5 shoes?




                    Here you go, osiriuso. Make sure you know your size in each brand before you buy on eBay. I suggest going to stores and trying each brand on just so you know.

                    11.5D J&M vintage shell cordovan wingtips. Current bid is at $81, not bad for cordovan. Ends Sept. 3rd.


                    More 11.5 to come.



                      Albert et al,

                      What do you think about these Salvatore Ferragamo cordovan wingtips? I can't tell if the sole is glued or stitched. Looks like a good amount of creasing, too.


                      I have no idea what brand these are, but they somehow catch my eye. I think it's the contrast stitching?





                        Glen, I'm pretty sure those Ferragamos are NOT cordovan. Cordovan (leather from the hind regions of a horse) doesn't crease like that, it rolls like rolling hills in a pasture. If you look at the cordovan shoes I've posted (those J&M's) you can tell the difference in how the leather wears vs. the Ferragamos you posted. Don't get me wrong, I really wish they were cordovan leather, that's a really good price for cordovan. Read this post from PTO for more info, they have a section that talks about cordovan and how to spot the differences between that and calf leather.


                        The second shoe is nice looking, two things I notice. There is no branding it appears, but, on the heel it says "Goodyear." This could be indication of Goodyear welting, which is one sign of a quality shoe. The other thing is that the wing appears to be in two sections. You can see where it splits halfway back on the shoe. This seems kind of weird to me, it should be all one piece. I think $30 for those is a little too much. That's something I think you could find a thrift store for $5 or so. Send him a message and see if he can throw you a bone.

                        Hope this helps.




                          Thank you for your advice. I will bookmark the link and share it with the wife. She just doesn't get what I'm looking for in these "old man shoes". And I'll have to pass on the 2 after what you told me. Thank you for saving me from myself.

                          Also, I found these for anybody with 9.5B sized feet (I'm 9.5D).

                          Allen Edmonds Boulevard Brown Wingtips 9.5B (Ends Sept. 1st)




                            thanks Albert! your suggestions are great!



                              Albert, this is a useful thread, thank you for creating it. Started reading Dappered last week, and I think I'm addicted. Wish those Boulevard Wingtips ending 9/1 were bigger!

                              Now I must unabashedly drop a link to the pair of Allen Edmonds loafers I'm currently selling on eBay! Really great shape...just don't need them, and my closet got smaller when I got married. :-) Item no: 220842243953




                                RGmenn, no shame in your game bro, the Kearneys are fresh. I like, i wish i knew how they fit though. I really need a new pair of penneys

                                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"