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    eBay Footwear Listings

    I've seen many threads on here inquiring about finding quality shoes on the cheap. In order to assist the Dappered forum members, I figured I would start a thread in which I would list some cheap shoe options I find on eBay. I'm just doing this to help out the community.

    Some listing rules for myself:

    - All listings I post will be under $125 (unless noted, if you can get $700 shoes for $150 I'll list it)

    - I will post whether the item is in bad shape or good shape

    - I will not post shoes that are in my size, so no one else can steal my finds I have an odd shoe size, don't worry.

    From time to time I will post some new eBay finds that someone can capitalize on! I should note that NONE of these listings will be mine, as I do not sell clothes on eBay, so there will be no conflict of interest. I should also note that anyone else can feel free to post listings to inexpensive shoes here, as well.

    Hopefully, this will help some people that don't have a lot of cash snag some inexpensive kicks that will last a long time.

    I'll start out with these two beauties.

    Everyone needs a pair of classics. Lightly used, definitely have years left before resoling. Ends Aug 30th:

    For the upcoming F/W. Good price for a brand new Grenson boot. Also ends Aug 30th:


    Great idea... You are a credit to the Dappered community. I will monitor this thread and edit out listings as they expire. Next to the description of the shoes in your post, can you post the expiration date of the sale? Thanks



      No problem, my good man.

      Helpful tip: Know your size in any given brand. Sizing between brands can vary GREATLY. Make sure you are positive about your size before you order shoes on ebay... unless they have a banging return policy of course.



        Some items that all end tomorrow (Aug 24):

        More boots for F/W. Decent condition for the price: #ht_500wt_1203

        $150 SB, $175 BIN. A little over $125, but they're BRAND NEW w/free shipping. Also, they aren't labelled correctly (seller is new), they are the Sanford model. You can tell they're authentic by the cutout on the inside of the ankle on the right shoe. I say take advantage of the new seller and get this shoe cheap:



          thanks, nice idea! is it cool to ask for your opinions on listings? if so, I came across these:

          also, just because they're ridiculous:



            You can definitely ask my opinion on listings. Everyone else can feel free to give their opinions as well.

            The Park Aves looked pretty beat. You can tell they hardly ever had trees in them.

            The second ones (they look like the Sanford model) are worn, but taken care of. Better looking than the park aves. Not a bad price for these.

            Both shoes can be polished up to look really nice. You can also send them back to AE to get them refurbished for $90. This includes a resoling, stretching across the original last and refinishing the upper. This may seem like a lot, but to put this in perspective there is a shoe repair shop near me that charges $86 for just a resoling. I haven't had my AE's refurbished, but I've seen the results online and it makes the shoes look almost like new.

            PS. buy those Nassau's ASAP. lol.



              Brand new cordovan AE Fifth Aves. SB at $0.99 with free ship!! Ends Aug. 31st.




                @Albert, what do you think of this shoe? I scored it for $69, just wondering if it was worth the price or not. ch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dp5197.m570.l 1313%26_nkw%3D130563797568%26_sacat%3DSee-All-Categories%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1




                  $76 for a pair of barely used Park Aves? I think you did really well! The soles look very good, probably not worn very often. I'd say they have 70-75% life left in them before you need a resole. Depending on how much you wear them that's most likely five to ten years down the road.

                  Uppers def need a polish, but that's standard for eBay shoes. I think one of the reasons you got these at such a great price is because the black Park Ave is the more popular shoe. If you like that merlot color, Dappered readers, you can definitely capitalize on it.



                    How consistent is Allen Edmonds in shoe sizing? Normally I wear an 8.5 to 9.0 medium, but apparently I sized as a 7.5-8.0 wide (single E); mostly because of my cursed flat feet.



                      I'm not positive on how consistent shoe sizing is across all AE models, but I would assume that they're pretty close if not identical. It would depend on the last used for each model. Same last=same size. Different last may=different size, but I think they would be almost identical.

                      Email AE customer service to find out for sure.



                        For the guys with smaller feet today.

                        8.5D J&M cordovan wingtips for $126. Not a bad deal for $500 shoes that don't look that worn at all. Ends Aug 31.


                        8.5D used Ferragamo captoe lace-ups. Still look pretty good. Ends Aug 29.


                        8D ok looking Polo Ralph Lauren loafers. SB at $4.99. Ends August 31.




                          9.5D Allen Edmonds tassel loafers. They look ok for such a low SB. Ends Sep. 7th.


                          9.5D Polo Captoe Balmoral. Lightly used. Bidding at $47 right now. Ends Aug. 29th.


                          WOW! 9.5D Brown Cheaney Wingtip Bluchers. These are the steal of the day at $25 (current bid)! If they were in my size there's no way I'd be posting them. Ends Aug. 31st. Someone here better buy these. I'm looking at you MaxMan.




                            Damn, if any of those were in my size (10.5 - 11) I would definitely try and snag them.



                              I'll get you tomorrow, Lordro.