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Clothes that fit when my body changes all the time?

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    Clothes that fit when my body changes all the time?

    I've recently been trying to upgrade my style and the most difficult part by far is getting clothes to fit. The biggest issue is that my body is changing all the time. I work out, and things change pretty quickly as far as gaining/losing muscle/fat. It seems that even relatively minor body changes produce very noticeable changes in the fit of my clothes. I'm leaning out right now, and the pants I bought *2 weeks ago* that fit fine then are now just too baggy.

    Muscle gain is a slower process, but it still seems that even there things would change enough that I'm not sure I could wear the same clothes from one year to the next.

    I have seen some say, "If you're losing weight or otherwise changing your body, wait until you get to a place you're happy with and can maintain before buying new clothes." That's not realistic for me. I am simply not going to be ripped 12 months out of the year, and I am also not going to stop gaining muscle.

    Other people have to have this problem, some moreso than me (I am by no means jacked... I am just reasonably fit). What do others do about this? I am a poor grad student; I can't just buy keep buying a whole new wardrobe all the time.


    I have a similar issue with slight shape variations with fitness level changes throughout the year, but generally my clothes fit a little tight and a little loose, but not so much as to totally ruin the look. I do have some clothes that fit best when I'm out of shape or bulked up; and I have some clothes that fit best when I'm leaned out (or slightly out of shape but after lean). Not sure how much of a difference you're talking about, but generally I don't have clothes that get put away bc they're "Lean" clothes or "Fat" clothes.



      The modern solution would be to wear strictly Spandex, but I've seen some great wraps and tunics in Egypt. If you're open to that, it lets you wear loose-fitting clothes that are worn with a belt. Works well in cool weather and is very accommodating.



        Dear Nicholas,

        Power Rangers just leapt to my mind. I don't think that's the look you are promoting, though.



          Nicholas is punchy this afternoon - I like it.



            Hokay, mebbe not.

            To be more helpful...I can say that my wife has fluctuated by 70 lbs. while I've known her. I'm not outing her since she's had 10.5M views on her weight loss channel! But for big swings like that, she's re-done her wardrobe numerous times.

            Before adopting a really slim-fitting look to your wardrobe, I would be happy with a selection of clothes that have some extra room either now or later, knowing that your body will continue to change. Eventually, you'll have clothes that span a range of body sizes (although may only range between small to medium or large to XL).

            The same tricks apply. Sweaters turn a billow-y shirt into a trim look. Blazers flatter every type. About 3 fits of jeans (i.e. 501, 514, some tapered leg fit) serve 99% of body types. Shoes, belts, watches, pocket squares, etc. So much of what you can wear is actually immune to the shape of the body. It's just the handful of things that do, matter a lot.