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Quality of J Crew Factory Ties?

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    Quality of J Crew Factory Ties?

    I need to round out my collection of casual ties and there are some nice-looking options from J Crew Factory at near-Tie Bar like prices.

    Red pilot

    Navy worsted wool

    <a>Leopard blue red</a>

    <a>Blue chambray</a>

    Red chambray

    I was hoping to take advantage of the current sale and pick up a few. Does anyone have experience with these ties? How do they compare to, say, The Tie Bar? I'm assuming they're a step down from better constructed options, but I imagine this is fine for a casual cotton/wool tie.


    I have one factory tie. It's excellent for the price!



      I ordered the red pilot, leopard blue red, and red chambray. I'll report back!



        I really like their ties because they come in 2.75" width which is my preferred width. Nice ties. Not too bulky which makes them great for layering. I don't think the Tie Bar offers that width, which is why I've never bought from them.



          If you like the 2.75" width they are good. I really enjoy them.

          I have the:

          Navy Worsted Wool

          Red Chambray

          Gray/Navy Madras Cotton

          I really like all of them, especially when they are 24$ + 30% off.

          Here is the red Chambray: