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J.Crew - factory shirt- fit?

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    J.Crew - factory shirt- fit?

    Hi, I am considering ordering a couple of J.crew factory shirts on sale (30% 0ff).

    Can anyone give me any idea about the fit?

    For comparison - RL custom fit shirts fit me really well.


    This one's easy: size down.

    In J. Crew Factory stuff, if you're looking for anything approaching a slim or "custom" fit, size down. This has worked for me 100% of the time, and I know I'm not the only one.



      I sized down to small which fits decent but in hindsight I should have sticked with Medium and just gotten it tailored in the sides. The small is a little tighter in the chest that I like but tolerable. I'm 39 chest 28 waist.



        Interesting, Acousticfoodie. After reading your post, I am 99% certain that J. Crew Factory's size Small is right at a 38-inch chest, while the Medium is a 40. I suspected that to be the case before hearing about your fit issues in their shirts, and your post basically confirms my suspicion.

        My actual chest measurement is about a 38.25, but I'm closer to a standard Medium in the midsection/true waist (whatever measurement that implies -- maybe a 30?). As such, my size Small J. Crew Factory shirts basically do the trick. But if my chest was a 39, the Small would almost certainly be too tight up top.

        Beyond that, the main issue here (in contrast to most slim/"custom" shirts) is that J. Crew Factory shirts really don't have much contour from chest to waist to tail. Off the rack, they might taper in a LITTLE bit at the sides, but not nearly to the extent that an intentionally slim-cut shirt would.

        I will say this for J. Crew Factory shirts: unlike many, many other "outlet brands" from name-brand retailers, Factory shirt sizing is absolutely consistent (at least in my experience). Thus, if one shirt fits you right in a given size, you can count on other Factory shirts fitting in the same size.

        Has this been your experience, too?



          @bull: Pretty much. I liked the quality of their factory shirts (when on sale) enough that I continued to buy several others. My new ones are in medium and fit great in the shoulders and chest. I had to take in the sides, but it felt much better than an off the rack small (which is still wearable, but not as comfy).



            I tried on a few at the store the other day. I'm 150 lbs, 5-8ish. My go-to shirts are from Banana Republic in size small, where the neck fits perfectly for a tie and the boofiness is slim enough, although not perfect.

            In J.Crew and J.Crew factory, I either wear XS for softer casual button-down shirts (mostly untucked), or Small in their Slim Fit only.

            For their wrinkle-free dress shirts, the neck was HUGE and the shirt was way too boofy in size small. I didn't get to try on their slim wrinkle-free, though. It seems like their site has more options.



              Definitely size down. I agree that the size Small tailored fit must be a 38 chest. I am right on 38 measured, and the smalls fit me perfectly, while still fitting the neck (15.5). Best OTR fit for me I've found so far.



                I know you all are smaller guys but I was curious about this as well and how it relates to their XXL size. A Polo custom fit xxl fits me very well but a XXL from Banana Republic is a little bit too tight in the chest/arms.

                Yes, built like a fire hydrant...

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                  thanks guys for the suggestion of sizing down



                    The problem is sizing down will you get a collar you can't button if you have a medium to large neck. I am a 16 neck, 32 sleeve, 38 chest. Smalls fit me perfectly in the chest and arms, but i cant even come close to buttoning the collar. Whereas I can button a medium, but the shirt and sleeves are billowy.



                      Yeah, I've experienced the same problem Jordan with the two shirts I got from there, although I figured I'd be wearing them unbuttoned mostly anyways so sizing down hasn't been a huge issue I wear a 16.5 neck and I went with medium to keep from having to slim the sides and sleeves on a large...I'd say size down if you don't plan on buttoning it with a tie or something



                        I'm 145-150 and 5'9 with a 36" chest and I get XS in J Crew factory. This results in a shirt that's perfect except for slightly short sleeves and body, but since they're so casual I roll them up anyway and leave it untucked. For ~$25 a pop and no tailoring it works out well.


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