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What will be your Fall / Winter purchases?

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    What will be your Fall / Winter purchases?

    What few staple items are you guys on the lookout for Fall and Winter?

    For me it is two sweaters a shawl collar cardigan and a Fair Isle. Finally taking the plunge on both as I've got a decent basic sweater collection to get me through the harsh, unforgiving Los Angeles winters.

    Outside of that, i'm still on the hunt for a good pair of modern penny loafers after the fit of the Mercanti Fiorentini didn't work for me.

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    I can't realistically think of a single item of clothing I _need_ but a fair isle sweater would be fun, and I'd really like some nice leather gloves but haven't yet justified the splurge.



      I'd like to pick up some suede loafers. If anyone could recommend a pair, feel free to share.



        Already got a shawl collar cardigan (as seen in Recent Purchases). Maybe one more cardigan.

        Jcrew Factory herringbone blazer gets here today. Other than that just maybe a couple pairs of thicker material pants or some beater boots and small accessories like wool ties/scarves, etc.



          Wingtip boots.

          "We had a sick night b*tches!"



            Well... This fall, I'm looking to embrace the OCBD (Going to check out the new Modern Oxford at GAP this weekend). I'm also going to pick up a pair of Clark's Desert Boots for casual wear this fall, and I'd like to get a new pair of 501's.

            Otherwise, some accessories to round out my wardrobe. And I'm sure Bonobos (sorry Greg!) will have something I will be unable to resist.




              The loafer hunt has been tough for me as well. If one is not looking for a very standard, Bass Weejun / low vamp style of loafer, it's actually pretty tough to find one in the $100 range.

              "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                I've just started re-building my wardrobe so I have a pretty long list for the upcoming months: gray or tan suede desert boots, gray chinos, blue OCBD, gray v-neck sweater, shawl-collar cardigan (to replace my current too-large hoodie), a plaid casual shirt, and my first navy sport coat (probably cotton given my casual workplace and the mild climate).



                  Looking to pick up a pair of drivers;


                  And hopefully a harrington in navy.



                    I am still debating on whether I am going to get a jacket/coat this winter. I had an old Express wool zip coat that I wore maybe once last season and sold in the Spring. I had it for 5 plus years. I might wait and see what Joe comes across.

                    Other than that I need new running shoes and maybe a pair of boots.



                      New wool coat. I just purchased one last Black Friday, but seeing as how I managed to drop over 15 pounds since then, I'm going to need something less bulky/more snug.

                      New OCBD (I haven't purchased one since my weight drop/wardrobe refresh at the beginning of the year)

                      A handful (3-5 MAX) of casual/semi-casual button downs. I'd say right now my shirts are a good split of 50% the "standards", and the remaining 50% having more than enough spring/summer colors (light green, purple, pink). Want to add some darker green, brown, dark red to that. Don't need too many to do that, though.

                      Shawl collar cardigan

                      Wool suit in navy

                      Pindot tie (of all the ties I have, I don't have a pindot. Go figure.)

                      A new hoodie (I know, I know, but for obvious casual/layaround wear). Sold off my old hoodies as they were either too big, or had some type of logo on them. Target Mossimo usually has solid hoodies that go on sale/clearance fairly often, as I have two in spring/summer colors (one grayish/blue, the other a brighter than normal blue) but would want something darker (dark grey, black, or even a darker shade of green) for the fall/winter months.



                        I supposed I should have said it earlier but list some sources if you've found some stuff you're eyeing, seems like we're looking for similar things...

                        @Bremersm...Penfield is having a pretty good sale right now and I am eyeing one of their Walpole cotton coats. Not sure quite yet as I live in Los Angeles and wonder if I need it but something like that at 50% off is tough to pass up since I'll have it for a long time and is a classic piece.


                        "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                          I've seen the OCBD both at the GAP and the current Merona offering at Target. Probably go for either of those. The GAP one isn't listed as slim fit though. Can anyone offer any experiences/sizing information on it?

                          Those Stafford boots getting current praise should be awesome to get, but I just got the Mr. B's Blakes a few weeks back, so I'm not really in the market. Still have to fight temptation though.



                            The only thing I can think of is taking a look at Targets new Odin collection this September. Besides that I have a ton of fall stuff.



                              @Zach - No idea on the GAP OCBD; what i've read from the online reviews is it has a modern/trimmer cut. Looks like the material might be a little hard, though... I'll post an update after the weekend.