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A "Dappered" for interior design?

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    A "Dappered" for interior design?

    I'm currently shifting some of my style focus to my apartment and my office and I'd love to find a blog that deals with these topics like Dappered — i.e., made exclusively for men (and, really, young men 18-35 or so).

    There seem to be a ton of design blogs out there, but all I've found cater entirely to women.

    Any hints?


    No specific blog recs, but if you haven't already check out Fab and One Kings Lane for good design-focused flash sales.



      check out

      It's not exclusively for men but not oriented to just women either for ex:

      for what it's worth that's probably the only website I've visited for ideas on furnishing my apt since I've moved early last year and.. not to sound horn tooting but people love my place and think i've had it professionally staged.



        I second Apartment Therapy. I've gotten some good ideas for my current place and some thoughts for my dream house from there.



          I third Apartment Therapy. A design blog similar to Dappered will be hard to find. Unlike men's style, which has traditional rules, etc, around which to build, interior decorating is a very personal thing. Basic principles of colors, etc, are available, but the rest is up to you. I plan on doing a primer on decorating in the next few weeks on my site, so I'll keep you posted.

          I find that is great and for art, I love to use You can also find some nice stuff on Etsy from time to time. But my style leans more towards the obscure and unique.



            I'm scared to look at those sites. I spend enough money on stuff from here.



              I am also interested in this. Unlike clothing or style, I've never really cared about what my apartment/living space looked like until recently. I'm at the place where it's no longer acceptable to decorate with DMB posters and empty liquor bottle trophies, but I am not to the point where I own my own property or can seriously invest in any furniture/art/design.

              I think I have decent taste when it comes to living spaces. I know what I like and don't like, and I usually know why. I've seen several episodes of house hunters and I've watched Nate Berkus a few times. Outside of that I want to know more, but also don't know where to start.



                I have limited knowledge here as well. But I like to start with the walls. If you ever travel, acquire art abroad. It comes with a story. Etsy is a great place for art, but huuuuuge so it's nice to find tips on decent places. 20x200 is a great site for up and coming legitimate artists.

                This is random, but I just stumbled upon these that I thought were pretty cool. Could look great in a little nook next to a bookshelf, or in a bathroom.


                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  I like Dwelling Gawker for interesting ideas:



                    +1 for Apartment Therapy. I'd also frequent The Brick House ( and Grassroots Modern ( First, the Brick House for it's emphasis on thrifting and it's archives to see how an entire home comes together. Second, Grassroots for the goods that are curated and emphasis on budget (relatively).