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What one thing are you saving up for?

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    Cannon, you are a man after my own james bond loving heart.



      Seeing as we're approaching Fall...

      1) Think I may finally pull the trigger on a Barbour jacket. Something I can wear over higher-end business casual to the office, but also can wear casually on weekends (during the day or to the bar).

      2) Slacks/Suits -- revamping my slacks/suits to a better fit. Still wearing a good bit of older stuff that's loose fit (for lack of a better term). I have some pants waiting to be tailored, and another suit, but I think I may make my way down to check out Suit Supply at some point. If those aren't great for me, I may try to find a true MTM alternative (or SS's MTM, but I have a feeling that gets pretty pricey).



        Cannon's post




          @hornsup, Barbours can be ebayed (with patience like everything else on eBay).

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            Navy suit. Currently have a very versatile grey, but would like to put a navy into the rotation. I'm not required to wear suits often, but I'd like having the two standards in my closet.



              The anti-Rolex:


              I'm a ways away, though...




                Is it really the anti-Rolex? Bond has worn Rolex, Seiko, and Omega. That alone makes me associate them with each other and their places in higher end markets.



                  I'm saving up for a new wardrobe - been slumming it in 20-something-style for too long now. So probably picking up a few pairs of Indochino shirts, since I think I'm going to have to go with MTM; it's hard finding anything that fits off the rack.

                  Other than that, Givi bags for my Interceptor, probably a Sargent seat.



                    @Cannon at least in America Seiko is viewed as a cheap watch. Grand Seiko on the other hand is really on par with Rolex, but at a more budget friendly price.



                      The this:


                      Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro. Perfect combination of simplicity, elegance and function.

                      Will be mine...



                        I need a nice watch, still haven't found the one yet. Oh and a house. Kind of a large purchase as well.



                          @John Pepper - Nice pick



                            As an architect who frequently is carrying oversized 11x17 pieces of paper around, I've been looking for something more elegant than rolling them up and putting them into a tube. In my search for a portfolio brief, I found this Portfolio Brief Case on Etsy:


                            Looks perfect.



                              I have regularly been eyeing the Letson shoes in grey by J&M



                                Either walnut AE Daltons or a navy Barbour Bedale. Greg_S, yes you can find a Barbour on ebay (I have been stalking them for months) but I would love to have the opportunity to work in the jacket myself. Same as a pair of levis.