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What one thing are you saving up for?

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    What one thing are you saving up for?

    I was driving to work this morning and my old love popped back in to my head. I have lusted after her for many years. She is always out of reach though. I mean she is just so expensive. It doesn't help that Joe keeps bringing her up. Why must he be so cruel? I bought her little sister to tide me over and I love her dearly, but the lust remains. I could afford to buy a used one but then my family would starve. I will one day own one though.

    I am of course speaking of the Tag Heuer Monaco. I am saving my pennies though and will one day own one.

    What one piece are you saving up for?


    Currently, this pair of Meermin longwings or a really nice navy blazer.



      Good topic

      Lately, with a significant portion of my paycheck going toward paying for an engagement ring and law school books, it feels like everything requires some period of saving to acquire. After buying a par of walnut AE Cliftons and falling in love, I am now saving up to replace my brown Kenneth Coles with a brown AE (or other goodyear equivalent). Though with fall almost here, I might have to find myself a good blazer first.



        This portfolio bag

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          Those same Meermin longwings that BJ posted.



            Meermin Suede Double monks with the rubber soles. Just need to figure out my sizing.



              If anything, I am selling off my more expensive watches to help pay for my upcoming wedding. After everything settles back down and I'm debt free again, I want to purchase this next year sometime.





                I've thought about one of those jackets in grey, to give to myself for chrismas. Assuming they are in production by then.

                Not totally sure though, 400+ is a lot to drop on a jacket.



                  a zegna suit .. around $500 at saks fifth avenue outlet



                    saving up for an NOS pair of Florsheim Royal Imperial Longwings in shell cordovan that I've been stalking for awhile now.




                      A down payment for a condo downtown. This site isnt helping



                        Good thread.

                        I recently pulled the trigger on something I had been saving and lusting after for awhile after getting a new job. A pair of Cole Haan Lunargrands.

                        That being said, I'm not sure I'm going to be making any huge purchases though but maybe a shawl collar sweater from Vince or a nice Fair Isle sweater in the winter.

                        "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                          Kent Wang MTM 3-piece navy blue suit. Soon...



                            A Filson Original Briefcase. After trying multiple "everyday" bags over the years (Timbuk2 messenger, BucketBoss Contractor's Briefcase, current Mountain Hardwear Hilo messenger bag) I have yet to find one that doesn't drive me crazy after a year of use due to some design flaw I can't get used to. I'm bound and determined to save up enough $$$ to get a truly great and durable bag that I can use for the rest of my career, and so far the Filson seems like a good choice. A Saddleback is just too far out of my price range.



                              Things in SkyFall, like his $25,000 classic game-hunting rifle, his DB5, his Tom Ford suits, his Omega watches, his Barbour jacket, etc.

                              Yeah, trinkets.