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    Cheap casual watch?

    I think I might be interested in getting a casual, and cheap, wristwatch. I'm not really a watch guy, so I don't care about quartz or manual or whatever that stuff is. My main consideration is that I have small wrists.

    I'm looking at something like the Timex Weekender cause it has a great price and good reviews. Let me know if there's anything else I should consider.

    Also, can someone please explain to me what exactly a Nato strap is?


    I don't know too much, I'm not a watch guy at all, but I can tell you that if you decide on the Timex Weekender, you won't be disappointed. I got mine at the beginning of the summer and I love it, it goes with everything, and it's holding up well after daily wear. I also have very small wrists, and although it's close (the last hole on the strap), it fits.

    Plus, the price is right, the thing is dirt cheap.

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      If you're looking for a cheap watch, it's hard to beat Timex. I recently bought a fun Timex cheapie, an Expedition field watch, and slapped it on a J.Crew NATO strap.

      It's small (35-36mm), so perfect for small wrists. The Weekenders are 37ish as I recall, so they will also work well, though I much prefer the case finish and dial design on this Expedition to the Weekender.

      A NATO strap is simply a variety of nylon strap, so named because they are designed to fit some NATO military specification or another:

      The primary difference between NATOs and other nylon straps is that NATOs tend to be longer and they have the characteristic double flap that theoretically prevents the watch from sliding around (though I've frankly never encountered that issue with any strap I owned).




        My favorite (somewhat) inexpensive and small watch comes from the Seiko 5 line:

        There are several colors available, including a more subtle black option, but it's a solid watch that's frequently available for around $50 or so. But I'm an automatic snob; you can find less expensive options in the quartz arena.



          @thmage I am selling a Timex J.Crew if you are interested. I am looking to get $35 plus shipping.