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$3.99 Brown leather watch strap

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    $3.99 Brown leather watch strap

    I happened to drive by a Michael's and remembered seeing a post on Reddit about $3.99 leather watch straps there, so I stopped in and checked it out. Works like a charm. I replaced a black silicone strap with this, and the watch looks amazing. Check out the pictures in the original post:

    Also, this follow-up with more pictures:

    Totally worth it. Looks great.


    Looks pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

    I might have to stop by my michael's and look for one

    Make it sweeter with 40% off:

    or 50% off if you wait:



      BB, you're my daily hero. I have been hanging on bated breath to see alternatives to the lovely Form, Fit, Function strap and this would be perfect!



        Glad to help! It's no shell cordovan, but it does look surprising good. And with nftmlk's coupon, $1.99!



          Shell cordovan can wait- I am going to try to find it at Michael's today. Might pick up at few actually...



            Here are some pictures of the straps I got from Michael's today.

            The first one shows how comically large my Maratac Pilot watch can look when I'm wrenching my wrist around to avoid glare...

            The second shows how I'll actually need to keep all 4 holes in the strap (no room to cut anything off). This may change if you deploy the strap on a watch with a smaller diameter dial.

            The third shows the relative positioning of the strap to ensure maximum wearability.

            The fourth is a cautionary tale. I got minor abrasions on the strap when I threaded it through my springbars. Due to the thickness of the leather (pleasantly so, and not too thin), you may have a hard time getting the strap threaded through your springbars. I would actually suggest removing your springbars and putting them back on if you have a tool as this would help avoid scratching the leather. However, if you don't have a tool, it would be a pain to do this.



              Stopped by my local Michaels and I wasn't able to find it. I saw the bracelet/bead aisle and managed to locate other items with similar packaging but no luck.

              Store employees were no help at all.

              @ Guilty, could you post the bar code/item #?

              EDIT: just saw your post in the other thread. Thanks



                BB found a reddit article that is a great alternative to the Horween leather watch strap with stud that Form Function Form sell. Michael's! Post here:

                Dappered thread:

                Crossposted my response here for convenience.

                They were exactly as the reddit post described - among random dangly crap. The brand is Bead Landing, and the UPC is 4-00100-91373-4.

                I picked up the last black strap they had and 3 brown ones. Good quality, but the black one had more light fraying on the side (not cut as cleanly as the brown ones). The black strap also had more texture to it, more creasing than the flat brown ones. They're not as nice as Horween Chromexel leather but hey, you can't beat it for $3.98 each. The associate also suggested checking Hancock's and Joanne's if you have those stores nearby. He said they were a seasonal item and apparently there is no rhyme or reason with how they stock the stores.

                I picked up an Xacto knife to cut the leather down to the desired size (there are 4 holes for the stud on the strap). Unfortunately, the package has a staple which will leave a mark on the leather near the stud. Curiously enough, the black strap was packaged better, with staples that went across the strap...

                If anyone needs a brown one and is in/near Atlanta let me know. Also, I would be willing to ship it if you absolutely can't find one. $5 (including shipping) and it's yours.

                It is raw leather, but thicker than the ones you can get from The Knottery. While the Knottery has the metal keeper hardware and looks more refined for $25, I found them to be a little on the flimsy side. Plus they never processed my return despite numerous emails after mailing back the merch (I had to do a chargeback).



                  I bought one for ~$2.00 last week. It is okay. I prefer my Weekender strap over it to be honest. The back part rubs on my wrist and makes it red from being semi-tight, yet if I have it in the next looses slot it is very loose on my wrist.



                    Thanks for the pics and advice, bystander. Travis, mine was tight for about two days, but it will stretch.



                      Just picked up a black and a brown. They were in the dangly crap, but note that there were 2 aisles like that, each with stuff by Bead Landing. The packaging was black and yellow with the strap in front.

                      I noticed the same differences between the black and the brown. It turns out the brown is so thick, I can't get it on any of my 3 strapped watches, including my Timex Weekender, my dressy Bulova, and pretty sizable Omega. I'll just return the brown one next time I'm there for framing. I really can't picture a watch that could handle leather that thick. Luckily I already have a brown leather NATO from Crown & Buckle.

                      Oh, note that my watches take 20 mm bands. If you have 18 or 22, I don't see these working for you.



                        Been wearing mine for 2 months and it shows no wear. This isn't full grain leather, but it makes a great placeholder for something better.

                        Also, FYI, there were 2 different brown straps in my Michaels - a pebble grain version and a smooth version.



                          Well... I broke my spending fast to buy a couple of these cheap leather straps, just to see if they were any good. Worked out to about $7 after a discount and tax.

                          A few observations:

                          As another commenter noted above, the brown version is thicker than the black. Personally, I prefer the thickness of the black. More comfortable and conforms better to the shape of the watch, making for a better look and fit. But it didn't take much effort to soften the brown one up: I folded it over on itself, and rolled the fold down the full length of the strap several times, folding in both directions. This softened the leather up immediately (it also added a grainy, slightly distressed texture to the leather upper).

                          The best-fitting stud was slightly too tight, so I also stretched the leather slightly. I soaked it in warm water, put it on the watch, and gave it a firm pull from either side. The best-fitting stud is now comfortable, and as the leather is drying, it is conforming better to the shape of the watch, and continuing to soften. Once it has dried fully, I will probably treat it with a little mink oil or leather protectant to prevent the strap from becoming TOO distressed.

                          The metal stud is removable and reversible. It simply screws off. This means that, if you prefer a suede look, you can reverse the strap. The backing of the black strap has a sort of greyish blue, denim-like color, so that would be an easy way to get a different-looking strap.

                          All in all, not my favorite straps, but not bad considering how cheap they are. I may post pics when there is better lighting tomorrow.



                            Are these still around? I stopped by a local store to get a back-up band, and couldn't find them.


                              Wow they look great and the price is right - but i dont have any watch that supports those pass through type straps