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    Gap Herringbone Blazer 02

    What are your guys's thoughts on this blazer? Gap is running their daily 30% off coupons, so it comes out to $90 after the code. Fit does look a little boxy and I'm not sure how I feel about 3 button


    Looks like it would need tailoring, the sleeve openings look like they need to be slimmed, and I don't care at all for the chest pocket nor the tab on the lapel. Save your $90 for something you actually like.



      It looks horrible on the model, both in fit and how it's paired with a t-shirt and jeans. I don't like 3-button jackets much at all, even on taller people, but for a less formal blazer like this, it's not as bad because it's almost a jacket (as in cold weather layer). For that price I'd hold off unless you really like it.




        I picked up these:

        AE wool blazer in navy 5

        AE tweed blazer 5

        as well as the J Crew factory herringbone ~~~~~~/30176.jsp?srcCode=AFFI00001&siteId=th9ILo5LtqE-aYWPf71t99Q4d9jjfcg4Ew

        Going to see how they all compare and then return the others. The comments didn't make the J CREW factory herringbone sound all that great, but like a few others, I decided to try my luck since 36s is hard to come by. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but we'll see.



          @nftmlk - any results on the comparison?



            @nftmlk - What size did you pick up in the AE blazers? (Also a 36s here. Somewhat disappointed the tweed Jcrew disappeared in the size.)




              these haven't come in yet. I'll update this thread once I get the items.


              I got an XS based on a peacoat I bought last winter from them. For reference, 5'9" and 135 pounds.



                Thanks. Let us know how they fit and how they look in terms of quality. You've got my attention...



                  Finally got all of these so I figured I'd give you guys an update.

                  The J. Crew 36S herringbone blazer fit badly, and as mentioned in comment section of the original post, the quality is terrible. It just feels thin and cheap, despite the fact that J. Crew has it listed as 100% wool. Definitely not worth the $132 I paid.

                  The American Eagle blazers are a much better bet. They are fully lined, and the quality of both are surprisingly better than the J. Crew factory herringbone blazer I received, despite the fact that they are a mixture of recycled wool and other materials. They fit well and I feel like they would definitely keep me warm enough on a cool evening. A good deal considering how I paid $85 a piece. I will be keeping both, and recommend you guys to give them a shot if you're looking for something like this.

                  Here are some pics


                  J Crew 36S (see what I mean by TERRIBLE fit?)


                  AE Wool Navy Blazer XS


                  AE Tweed XS



                    I went to AE last weekend to check out the Navy wool blazer and ended up walking out with it for $85 ($35 after giftcard). Had to size up because of how tight it was in the arms and chest, so it will need some tailoring in the waist. Overall very happy for the price.



                      I sent the Jcrew Herringbone back for a Jcrew Tweed. Much happier.

                      I'll have to check out the Navy AE.



                        I hate the Gap's button-flap patch chest pocket. The second AE jacket looks the best.



                          Thank you @nftmlk for the pics, I am also 36s and just ordered the AE tweed in xs.



                            I made the mistake of paying for the AE charcoal wool blazer with Paypal. Little did I know that they refund Paypal payments with a gift card, not back to Paypal! So I'm going to be out $91.54 which is what I paid after tax.

                            It's too large in the chest and sleeves for me--I keep hoping I'm going to get lucky with one of these XS blazers (I'm a 34" chest).

                            Fortunately I ordered the AE tweed blazer with a straight credit card, so unless by some miracle it fits me perfectly, that one is going back too.

                            With all of that said, I'll be returning it this weekend and will probably have a gift card for said amount unless by another miracle they're kind to me and refund me back through PayPal. I'll offer it for $75 if someone wants to save $16. I'd rather lose $16 than waste $91 in a store I don't ever intend on purchasing anything.



                              Are those AE blazers cheaper in store or something? How did you guys get the $85 price.

                              5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist