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A little help pairing shoes

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    A little help pairing shoes

    Perhaps some of you more style-inclined might find a second to help along a guy who's trying to elevate his game.

    Two questions:

    Some time ago, I saw these Rockport D2N Wingtip shoes. I don't claim to know much about shoes, but I am quite smitten with these,default,pd.html?dwvar_d2nwingtip_color= d2nwingtip_glaze&start=6&cgid=mens-footwear-categories-dress-casual&dyncatsale=null&dyncatnew=null

    I am hoping this might be a versatile shoes I can pair with chinos, cords, dark jeans and a blazer. However, are they too dressed down to wear with my suit? I have a navy suit and another in charcoal grey.

    Lastly, has anyone purchased knitted ties from the Tie Bar? They look really good, but they are only $15, which raises some alarm bells.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


    I don't know about what everyone else is going to say, but those look like sneakers to me--great for dressed down situations, but I don't think they can be dressed up much.



      I'm going to second MagM's opinion. Definitely dressed-down. You could maybe pull them off with a blazer and jeans or chinos depending on how they look in person, but I don't think with a suit. Also thetiebar is the best value around. Their ties are fantastic and the quality is solid, not amazingly high, but incredible for the price.

      If you can wait they will run a sale around the holidays. Well, free shipping anyways, usually if you spend $75.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        I'm on the same page as Mag, I think those shoes are not for pairing with a suit. I also think they're mad expensive.

        I have a silk knit tie from The Tie Bar and I think it's fine. The one I have is blue with thin yellow stripes running across it. I've never had a knit tie from a more expensive maker, so I can't compare to any of those. For the price I think Tie Bar has decent quality, especially for their pocket squares.

        I wish they sold grenadine ties...



          Thanks, gentleman. I only happened across Dappered a few weeks ago and have to say it's been a revelation. If my credit card could lay charges for abuse, I'd be indicted. I am a long time Esquire reader (great magazine and subscriptions are so cheap) and by the process of osmosis I've developed an interest in dressing better (I also got a promotion at work) so I'm trying to the ante. The problem with Esquire is that it dangles platinum-plated fashion carrots in front of you - sorry, I am not paying $200 for a dress shirt. Dappered is the great equalizer and it's reassuring to know you can look better on a budget.

          One of the first things Dappered taught me is that my $120 square toed Steve Madden dress shoes make me look like Frankenstein at a food bank. And even though I totally subsribe to the budget fashion theory, I hate to say that the proponents of investing real money in shoes might just be right. When you are rotating just two or three pairs of shoes every day for an office job, maybe I should spend up, even if only for purposes of comfort. Still, even the $300 Allen Edmonds price tag makes my gun shy.



            Welcolm aboard Kittiwake, since the other guys answered your questions, i want to add to your shoe comment, I mean your willing to spend up to 180 on a pair of rockports. I am not triyng to chastise you or anything but i think its in your best interest financially speaking to invest in the 300 dollar AE's. Had you been around 3 weeks ago when we were all going gaga over the Nordstrom Sale when you could have these beauties for under 200 .Wait it out a little bit, you'll find much better shoes than Rockports especially with that higher ended budget; you sound like you know your style based or your initial post.

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              Thanks for the feedback. I am in the midst of an Imelda Marcos-sized shoe rampage right now where I need new footwear across all fronts.

              I want a pair of the AE Park Avenues but the price wounds my soul. Failing that, I was looking at these (sorry but air cushioning is a selling point when you spend eight hours a day on your feet at a tradeshow ...

              I want those Rockports because I need a flexible shoe to dress down while maintaining a level dress up ... if those are ugly, someone please be candid enough to say so. I have the dress sense of Gary Busey.

              I live in a northern climate with harsh winters, so one of these two would do nicely in the booth department:



              And finally these shoes, I have to have because I just have to have them.

     'mexico_66'_sneaker_(men):123498&cm_pla=shoes:men: sneaker&cm_ven=nextag&mr:referralID=5ae1d835-ca6f-11e0-9e9c-001b2166c62d

              Stupid money why can't you be more?



                Theres really nothing wrong with the Rockports except for price point, but if comfort is what you seek, then go for it. I think they look nice, only as you put it dressed down but dressed up. The two mocks are fire, you win with either, and the sneakers are smooth, i like them. I think you should give yourself a little more credit, your style sense is pretty good, certainly not a novice.

                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                  Since you have to have those onitsuka's here I wouldn't waste my time at nordstrom looking for casual shoes unless they were DEEPLY discounted. I agree with the rest the rockports look best with jeans/chinos but not a suit, but for the price point I think you could do better... my $.02



                    I think those Rockports look nice, Kitti, but $200 on shoes made in China? I'd rather buy some AE's on ebay, as everybody here already knows.

                    What your size for Allen Edmonds, Kitti? I'm gunna find you some Park Aves on ebay right meow!



                      Albert, you're too kind. My foot is a Geisha-ish 8.5. This has no bearing on the rest of my anatomy. Or so my wife tells, when she is being generous.



                        A few choices at good prices... some are cheaper and worn hard, some are barely worn. The ones that are worn hard usually just need a sole replacement.

                        Worn hard:


                        Has make an offer option. Make him one he can't refuse:


                        Another make an offer:


                        Hopefully this helps you out!



                          Fantastic, Albert. Much appreciated.



                            ...and don't forget that a pair of AE shoes becomes nearly-new again for only $90 through their in-factory recrafting service (resoled, reheeled, re-stretched across the original last, refinished and refurbished uppers). There are many well-cared-for 30-year-old pairs of AE shoes clopping around the world on their second and third go-around.