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Slim fit suits with less shoulder padding than Bar III

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    Slim fit suits with less shoulder padding than Bar III


    today, I went to Macy's and tries tried the BAR III suit in grey. My overall impression was good. However, I would prefer less shoulder padding and an even slimmer jacket (i.e. at least half an inch off the waist, not the chest). Do you know if one of the Suit Supply suits would fit those requirements? Any recommendation is welcome.




    Truthfully, you will be hardpressed to find a suit with a slimmer off the rack countor at Bar III. I tried a suit from suitsupply's Napoli line (2nd slimmest fit they offer), and the jacket was roomier than the Bar III. I ended up returning it as the pants were also baggy, especially in the butt area.

    Taking in the waist on a suit is no big deal. I needed my jacket of my Bar III suit taken in about 2.5 inches. I also feel that Bar III has a bit too much shoulder padding of my tastes.

    Bonobos sells suits with a slim countor, high armholes and minimal shoulder padding. I own several and have always been pleased with them. However, with no more groupons and discount codes, I feel as if their suits are a too pricy.

    If you have never bought anything from Bonobos, I would suggest using the 20% code for new customers to try one out. The return process is really easy. Also, try the Washington line (the slimmest cut line) from suitsupply. I contacted customor service and the agent was really helpful, connected me to a salemen at one of their stores and he said thw Washington line would fit better. They said they when I placed my next order, I could call ahead and buy the suit as separates.



      Thanks for your recommendations. You're right, that taking in the waist is not too much of a problem. However, this is different for the shoulder paddings. Thus, I thought that Suit Supply would be probably a better basis to start with (i.e. to alter the waist) if their suits have less shoulder paddings.

      I will definitely have a look a Bonobos. You say the shoulder paddings are really minimal (compared to the Bar III)?



        What's your concern with the shoulder padding? Can size down to eliminate the padding sticking out off of your shoulders. That's really what you want for fit anyways.



          Unfortunately, sizing down is not an option as my shoulders fit size 40 perfectly and with my long arms I am looking like a clown in size 38. Meanwhile, I ordered a suit from Bonobos (The Foundation - Navy). The quality is good, shoulders are great, however the overall fit is far from the (real) slim fit of the Bar III (both suits in 40R). Currently, I stick with Hugo Boss suits (Hugo line, which has the slimmest fit of all Hugo Boss suits) which are quite comparable to the Bar III in terms of fit.



            Banana Republic, J.Crew Factory Thompson and J.Crew Ludlow, Bonobos, SuitSupply Napoli. I've never tried on a Bar III suit in person, but I have jackets from all the brands I mentioned and they all have very minimal shoulder padding. Most suit brands I've tried on in Macy's (Alfani, Calvin Klein, etc) have way too much shoulder for me.