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    Help me decide on fit - Indochino

    Afternoon gents, this is somewhat time sensitive so I'm not going to use the How Does This Fit thread, apologies for the procedural violation.

    I got the Prince of Wales, a white shirt w/french cuffs and a blue pindot tie. I'm already pretty decided on sending the shirt back since the cutaway collar looks strange and the fabric billows, with french seams so not easy to alter.


    Kenneth, I love the pattern. The pants are slightly too long and too wide for my tastes. The upper thigh fabric makes your butt look bigger than it is. If you had a the pants slimmed down and hemmed by ~.5-1" they'd be nice.

    The jacket is short, but you have indicated a preference for that style so I won't harp on the length. Something strange is going on with the arms and the shoulders. The shirt's collar is not flattering.

    Taking everything into account, not bad.



      You're right, the collar doesn't flatter your face. Shirt could come in a bit, but the credit would cover that. Is the right quarter or the jacket lower, or is it just the picture?

      How does the seat feel?



        "Something strange is going on with the arms and the shoulders."

        Every Indochino suit I have seen is like this.



          The seat is certainly loose, but I plan on wearing them somewhat higher, so it will be better. I'll certainly have the pants hemmed and slimmed, the waist also needs to come in 1.5 inches.

          Agreed, the shirt is not a keeper. The collar is ugly and the material is a very heavy Oxford. Not the right material for a formal French cuff shirt. The quarters appear even, that could just be the picture. Does this suit work with brown shoes or does the color call for black?

          Thanks for all your feedback!



            Kenneth, your shoes and tie are an excellent match for the suit. You have good taste.



              What bruschetta said. Something is goofy with the sleeves, perhaps the pitch? See what your tailor thinks.

              Also, the shoes you have are perfect for that suit.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                Given that Indochino requires that they receive the items within 2 weeks of shipping and they took their time in getting to me in the first place, I'm not certain that I'll be able to meet with my tailor before I have to decide. As such, do you guys think the suit is a keeper? Do the sleeve/shoulder issues necessitate a return or are they acceptable levels of quality?



                  It doesn't look bad, but if you're not in dire need of the suit, send it back. Why spend the credit on slimmer pants and jacket changes? They should be sending you a suit that doesn't necessitate that many changes, though they could be arguable even if they aren't major.

                  I like the brown shoes, by the way.



                    I don't see anything a tailor couldn't fix.



                      @Furious - to be eligible for a remake, the suit needs to be ill-fitting enough to not be acceptable even after the $75, so I'm not sure a re-make would fly on this instance. It does raise the question of whether or not I should simply return it, though. Thanks for the input!



                        Kenneth, would you feel proud if someone you held in great esteem were to see you in this suit?



                          Why, Bruschetta, you've already seen me in the suit! *rimshot*

                          I suppose I'm really just trying to rationalize myself into returning it. I think I will. I'm not really in love with the pattern in person.



                            Also, can anyone explain what this very visible seam is that runs vertically on both the left and right side of the front of the jacket?



                              Kenneth, my Suit Supply suit has the same seam in the front. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow so that you can compare. I don't know why it's there. None of my other jackets has a similar seam.

                              Send it back if you're not 100% satisfied.