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What tie to wear with black suit and white shirt??

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    What tie to wear with black suit and white shirt??

    Hey Guys,

    I'm having trouble with what tie I should wear to my friends wedding in two weeks. I'm the master of ceremonies of the wedding and he does not want us to wear bow ties or tuxedos to the wedding just suits... yeah I know. I'm the MC and wore a slim black tie to the first part of his wedding so would it be alright if I wore a grey slim tie? I'm a slim person so a slim tie and slim suit are the only good combo that works well with me. Please provide a pic or a link to macys, neiman marcus or bloomingdales so i can purchase the tie you recommend.



    milanfan, here are a few options:

    1. Burgundy Grenafaux from

    1.a Burgundy satin

    1.b Burgundy textured.

    2. Black with a white and blue stripe.

    2.a Black with a white and red stripe.

    2.b Black with two white stripes.

    3. The "Hey bridesmaids, I'm available" tie.

    4. Black on black paisley. This is my favorite of the ties that I've listed.



      If it's gonna be grey then I say glen plaid or shepherd's check.

      shepherd's check

      glen plaid

      Most stores will sell something similar... they are definitely wedding-appropriate ties.



        I like choice 2a from @bruschetta's list. Almost bought it for my father's wedding (he's wearing black suit with a white shirt too).



          I think a glen plaid like Lib's would look pretty sharp with a white shirt and a slim black suit.