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    I'm thinking about ordering some shirts from cheaper MTM websites. I know the quality won't be the best, but it's hard for me to find shirts that I can wear tucked in or untucked. I plan on ordering one from Biased Cut, Blank Label and maybe Moda Republic and comparing the cut/fabric to see which one I like best. Does anyone have any experience with these brands? I also have been looking at Their prices are really cheap, but their collars are really strange looking. I really prefer the traditional Point Collar, but all their collar options look huge. Has anyone ordered from them before? I would really appreciate any info.



    I've no experience with any of the companies listed, but I would definitely be interested in your experiences.

    This guy ( has written up one-to-two paragraph reviews of several MTM companies that you may want to look at before spending money.

    Good Luck.



      Here's Joe's writeup of Ratio:

      I ordered a basic white French cuff shirt from last Christmas. It fit a little too loose on the torso for me but better than a traditional cut. The sleeves were right (narrow, good length). I found the fabric to be disappointingly thin (it felt a little cheap). It was supposed to be a premium Egyptian cotton and I see they don't carry it (#8088 - White On White) anymore. BUT, I got the shirt for $20 shipped (some crazy promo)and it's certainly worth that.

      @Alex, thanks for the review site. One thing I noticed just now - all the reviews I've read are positive; I haven't seen one negative / critical sentence.

      @Thekillabeejc, I would also be interested in what you find out.

      My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



        I ordered one from and had a good experience. Give them a try. The fabric was pretty good, the tailoring was also good. The shirt they sent is now one of my favorite evening casual sport shirts.

        They allow for a lot of customization. You pick fabric, pattern, collar style, cuff style, vents, etc etc. you custom select every aspect of the shirt.

        Prices are pretty reasonable.

        On the downside, delivery times can be long. My shirt came fedexed from their place in China, so it took about 2-3 weeks.



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