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the game as early as there is no suspense

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    the game as early as there is no suspense

    Tony is also responsible for the defense Reddick outside the line of heavy artillery on the offensive, somewhat retained. Diminishing supply, the Duke was soon on the score advantage. Seven-point gap was not much, if according to the pace of the game before, converted to use its own fast offensive and defensive system of the Duke upset, then the sevenths soon will come to naught. However, elite nfl jerseys,the pace of the game this time has been thoroughly Duke dominated.

    The major areas in Austria, also did not play the Duke play himself to be in disarray. Fast-paced, means that the physical consumption. At this point, the Austrian large should not have a high hit rate once again fell, surprisingly, only in his early twenties percent, the lack of inside strength is no rebound protection of last resort, under the great Austrian coach can only be called a pause.

    Pause after the important task of the Austrian general offensive to the Tony • Allen Reddick obvious attack strong defensive player, so care Habitat • Allen, the first two offensive scores. even the first two-plus-one opportunity. In this case, Coach K Mike Krzyzewski will naturally not turn a blind eye to the field team to do a simple gesture, the players were using defense.

    Duke in the restricted area of strength is the NCAA recognized the top three, or check g not a member of Duke outside the Duke inside. At this time, Duke using defense, the inside will be impregnable, Tony • Allen is to break, but also have to consider the consequences insist forcing metal matrix. After all, the sealing ability of Shelton and Randolph is not blown out.

    Deal with the defense the best way is to point line, Cheap coach purses,unfortunately, the projection of the Austrian perimeter shooters than an outrageous hit so far, twelve shots in a ball, hit rate, so that on the sidelines of Austrian coach no speak. If the rules allow, this was once a basketball player born coach ruthless may not change up to throw the two.

    The Austrian side shooter all Xiecai, of Duke's JJ Redick and Duhon two bid for the moment, even the always liked to break Rolle • Deng-third of the performance. A three-pointers tell Old wrecked the Austrian team, the outcome of the race is not any suspense.

    "The contest between the game, simple to is heavyweight and lightweight fighters, and even I have not the heart to look to go to Oklahoma State University next year good luck ten on so unfortunate. same time, I have to admit that this year, Duke's strong game, those who doubt the Duke win the strength of the people should be able to shut their mouth. "

    Fagan for this game as a guest commentator of ESPN the verdict. At this point is just the second half just getting on the field soon, Duke has been the leading sub-differential of twenty as much. Sixty-one than three 26, so the score is really very telling.

    PS: the name of the old Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski, Summon a cute recommended invoicing and collection! !

    NCAA: kingship of the right of the seventy-first two monsters (middle)


    The second half only ten minutes, nfl jerseys china,the Duke will be the three main absolute, Luol the • Deng, Randolph, and Chris Duhon replaced the field looks like Coach K is ready to begin military training, but also the if it made me coach ahead by nearly 30 times, will be their own men on the bench should put these guys to adapt to competition. "looked at Duke has a big lead, the game as early as there is no suspense, Fagan explanation also less a copy of his unique passion.

    But when he saw Suhao Yang and Chuck play, can not help but surprised a moment. Fagan has been responsible for the explanation of the Duke game, but he has never seen the faces of the two. For the sudden appearance of the two newcomers, the game itself lost passion Fagan look to the interest.

    "Dear Ladies and gentlemen, if this pair of my old eyes are not mistaken, Mike Krzyzewski actually come in two thorough and complete end of the new play, which one is actually still Asians, this is really me too surprised. has always been conservative Coach K in the opening of the sixty semi-finals race has never been new, and if before someone said to me, I would certainly think that guy is crazy, but now I have to believe in yourself the old eye. "front of the microphone in front of the old fee root talking about, this time his eyes seems to be the only couple in Duke.

    "Sue, we really can play it?" Looking in the audience who enjoy the Duke Blue Devils cry players, cheap nfl jerseys,Chuck, this time on the pitch even a little stage fright, he which there a trace of the usually fearless inside domineering, anti-like satyr eyeing helpless little girl.

    Looked at his buddy actually become with a bitch like Suhao Yang unceremoniously kick Chuck's ass. Chuck click Suhao Yang scored inside, without any preparation Chuck click almost broke into Gouchi Shi. Look back, see the 'murderer' Suhao Yang has not its instruments of crime (big feet) to take it back, Chuck suddenly come to the front of Suhao Yang, fiercely authentic: "Sue, what are you doing ah? This game, but the country ah, my image did not live the Soviet Union, you have to be responsible for this! "

    Cut, you just like a bitch like to have a face? Want to face, a good lesson about the Oklahoma State guys, let them know that is the main down, the two of us can play dead them! "Suhao Yang, then suddenly will check the grams of anger lead to the body of the Oklahoma State University.