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Need help with casual wedding outfit

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    Need help with casual wedding outfit

    My dad's getting married in two weeks! That's awesome, but I don't know what to wear. This is a causal wedding (my father will be wearing a tie, white shirt, black blazer, black dress boots jeans), so no need to wear a suit. It's an indoor wedding, in a tavern, by the way.

    I figured out it would be nice to have some red in my outfit, since it's the wedding color.

    A: Tan linen blazer

    B: Navy wool blazer

    1:Gingham button down shirt

    2:White shirt and red gingham cotton tie (don't worry, I'll iron my shirts)

    Not sure which pair would work best? Also, what kind/color of pants should I wear? As for shoes, I'm probably going with my AE Players in walnut.


    How about... White shirt + gingham cotton tie, navy chinos, players, and tan blazer? You could also go with just standard khaki pants, the players in walnut are really gonna set off whatever you decide.



      @Kenneth : This is my favorite option, but I don't own navy chinos. I went shopping this morning, but I didn't find anything.

      Other footwear choices would be medium brown wingtips or black oxfords.



        Stick with the players, Jessy. Those are fantastic shoes if the setting is casual enough, and a wedding taking place in a tavern certainly is casual enough! How about Bonobos? Khaki chinos are okay, but the darker color pants will set off the contrasting blazer and the contrasting shoes. Dark denim is also an option.



          I love my Lands' End Tailored Fit Original Chinos in Navy.



            I was wearing that same red lands end canvas shirt today :P I love it!!! Got it in blue also haha. If it is casual, my personal preference would be grey with the red gingham shirt, and walnut belt and players.



              @Kenneth I'll have to give Bonobos a try one of these days, but maybe not with navy chinos. I'll go with dark denim if I don't find anything else.

              @BJ Sadly, LE pants starts at 30, I'm a size 28. I have a pair of slim chinos from LEC in size 29 and they are a bit big. Also, with what do you pair your navy pants ?

              @Focuspants Sorry to burst your bubble, but the shirt is from J.Crew! What pants would you wear with this pairing?



                Wow it looks identical to the LEC one haha. As for pants, a different shade of grey chino should work I think.



                  If it were me, I'd do dark denim for the pants. I'd probably do exactly what Focuspants said, but with dark denim (I love grey, walnut, and dark jeans together). But that's me.

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                    A2 (... bingo? anyone?)

                    But seriously, that's a swell outfit right there, and I think the pant options are pretty versatile. Jeans or chinos or cotton/linen dress pants should work.



                      @Jessy - I pair everything with navy. Beige jacket, gray jacket. I love the combo of red and navy so I'll do a red gingham shirt (like yours) or a white/light blue shirt with a red gingham tie or a red stripe tie.