GHD hair straightening device is a very effective beauty gadget to make your hair straight. You can certainly enjoy beautiful straight hair from ghd straighteners. However, be very careful when buying GHD products from unknown sources. Con artists imitate the straighteners of GHD to make a quick buck. So it is important to learn how to identify a genuine GHD straightener in order to enjoy its high quality features. First, GHD hair straightening devices are high end beauty products. They are packed with lots of high technology features and safety mechanisms. So you should expect that a GHD hair straighteners would be pricey. That is because the materials and technologies used to make GHD hair straighteners are expensive also. So if you spot a very cheap GHD hair straightener with a list price of $30 to $40, then expect that the product is a fake. No authentic GHD straightener will cost below $90. Remember, these are top of the line products and quality materials can be reflected in their retail prices. So whenever you see a ghd iv styler straightener being peddled at an unbelievable price on the Internet, then the product is surely an imitation. Straight hair is very fashionable. It is also very easy to style and very convenient to manage. That is why more and more people are using hair straightening devices which offer cheaper alternative to salon styling. One of the best companies that provide state of the art and salon grade straighteners is GHD. GHD hair straighteners are highly favored by professional stylists and fashion savvy people. The popularity of GHD straighteners also attracted con artists who sell imitation GHDs. So here is a simple guide which can help you identify genuine GHD products.This is one of the most generous warranties you can find today. Electronic products normally have 6 months warranties only. But genuine GHD straighteners have 2 years full guarantee. So make sure that you can have a warranty document for your GHD purchase. If a vendor cannot produce an official warranty note, then the product could be an imitation. So it is best to buy from an online retailer of GHD products and hair straighteners that can provide full guarantee for your purchase for two long years. Finally, you can spot a GHD imitation if the straightener is unusually heavy. All genuine GHD hair straighteners are ultra lightweight because the plates are made from ceramic porcelain. The casings of genuine ghd hair straighteners products are also made from thin but very durable state of the art materials. That is why each unit of GHD hair straightener is very light. If you got a heavy straightener with a GHD logo, then probably you bought an imitation product. All GHD products also have automatic voltage detection system. This means you can use your GHD device anywhere. Imitation GHD products do not have such auto volt feature.