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Wu Feng does not care about how many

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    Wu Feng does not care about how many

    So now, Wu Feng does not care about how many reporters in a news conference.

    Soon, under the guidance of the staff, four individuals came to the scene of a news conference.

    Sure enough, such as Wu Feng is expected to the scene and not the number of reporters, in addition to Orlando local sports reporter, the number to the number of also sixty-seven journalists, there's also from China.

    Wu Feng helpless sigh breath, and Otis - Smith, three people came and sat down in his place - Karl Davis as the broker of the Wu Feng, nature is also to attend the press conference.

    "Hello everyone, My name is Otis - Smith today, on behalf of all members of the Orlando is very honored to have reporter friends present here today is to open the press conference, because our team signed a talented player, nfl jerseys wholesale? the player sitting next to me the young man from China. "Otis - Smith smiled and referred to reporters Shao Wufeng.

    Wu Feng excited to stand up and introduce themselves Road and then to reporters: "Hello, everyone, I was Wu Feng from China, I am glad to be able to see everyone here."

    Then, still speak of Otis - Smith, just to attend the conference in turn introduce a few people, including Stan - Stan Van Gundy, and Carl - Davis.

    "Wu is a very passionate and dynamic player, he positive results of his workouts to my team and I are very satisfied, so we decided to sign him the following, Wu show the link of the new season jersey Otis - Smith announced that the Road.

    Otis - Smith finish the sentence, the staff will be Wu Feng jersey took up, and then handed the hands of Wu Feng.

    "I would like to ask Mr. Smith, for the Chinese players What was your impression?" A white reporter asked,.

    "Oh, I really like this young man of Wu, his ball is tough, very focused on the court, I really appreciate the kind of player." Otis - Smith replied.

    "You know that do not know, two weeks ago, Wu had been Detroit Pistons termination. How do you see this thing?" A tall, sporting a golden-haired, middle-aged male reporters on the Austrian Atlantis - Smith Road questions.

    Otis - Smith shrugged, then said to this reporter: "I can say that a garbage?"

    Several journalists were puzzled when Otis - Smith smiled and said: "Joe - Joe Dumars must forehead was kicking ass, coach outlet online?or kiss the ass of the donkey."

    The crowd heard these words, all with a laugh, Otis - Smith, reminds them of that year, the deeds of the 'jazz bar' kiss ass ass.

    "Why would you say that?" That tall, keep a golden haired middle-aged male reporter to hold back a smile, and continue to Otis - Smith asked.

    "Oh, do you not hear out of it? Detroit Pistons made a stupid decision, they'll see, Wu must make this decision regret of, and make them even intestines regret the green. "Otis - Smith said, laughing.

    Wu Feng hear Otis - Smith said, can not help but beginning to enjoy this old man. So important, and certainly can not let him down, we must in this time he was still in office, brought him at least one championship trophy, which is the commitment made by the hearts of Wu Feng, simply because Aoti Sri Lanka - Smith is so dear to him.

    Otis - Smith said these words with no small risk, in case after Wu Feng did not show such as the strength of what he said, then he will certainly by the media as a laughing stock, and may Joe - Joe Dumars, the Pistons senior as the basis for the counterattack.

    "Mr. Smith, so I believe the gentleman sitting next to you?" Another reporter threw out a question.

    "Yes, I firmly believe." Otis - Smith, the firm replied.

    Several reporters saw no problem to ask Otis - Smith, in turn Changqiangduanbao Looking Magic coach Stan - Stan Van Gundy.

    "Coach Jeff Van Gundy, Wu is how to think?"

    "Wu is a great potential players, nfl jerseys china?I will help him to those potential tapped, so that he achieved excellent results in the NBA." Stan - Stan Van Gundy smiling replied.

    "Then you think of Mr. Smith said just then?" Which hit the nail on the head by a reporter asked.

    - Stan Van Gundy a little silence and then replied: "I very much agree with Mr. Smith's point of view."

    The crowd uproar, did not expect the general manager and head coach of the Orlando Magic are so important so that an even two show are not players.

    Thus, the reporter who in turn war spread to the protagonist of today's press conference, Wu Feng body.

    "May I ask Mr. Wu, joining the Magic have anything to say?" A beautiful short hair female reporter asked Wu Feng.

    "Ah, put it? Two words, excited, excited!" Wu Feng, concise answer.

    The "before Detroit Pistons termination, the contract with the Orlando Magic today, these two things is how to treat?" A question, a female reporter, but also a beautiful female reporter.

    Wu Feng looked at that Chinese female reporter, and then thought, replied: "First, I want to thank the Orlando Magic senior who, in particular Mr. Otis - Smith and Stan - Stan Van Gundy coach. Thank you to the me this opportunity, for giving me this opportunity to prove their strength, this opportunity is very important to me in half a month ago, I was the Detroit Pistons termination. To be honest, I was very depressed, very depressed but I then I thought, this should not be a young man to the performance, young people should be full of hope for life, they should strive to we should have of our age, young and frivolous, not like the elderly, lost their edge. So, I again stood up and I started the hard work, time after the surrender of half a month, I tried the training, so that my strength has been improved and now, my efforts has paid off, I was fortunate to join the Magic, nfl jerseys cheap? this is a very encouraging thing. I am very excited, very excited, I will be in the upcoming new season, go all out, so that all who believe in me will not be disappointed the same time, I also sincerely hope that those people fighting for the dream, not because of temporary setbacks, give up should continue its efforts to continue to refuel!