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Versatile Fall/Winter Sneaker - Difficulty: DSW

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    Versatile Fall/Winter Sneaker - Difficulty: DSW

    I'm pretty short on casual winter footwear, with basically just a brown Crosby Moc and some old Rockport loafers. It's Texas, so its not terribly cold, no snow, but I still feel weird wearing gray Vans in December. I was thinking a versatile, neutral sneaker to wear with jeans would be a good addition.

    The complication is, I've got a rewards card at DSW that I can't bear to see expire, so I'm trying to find something there.

    I purchased these, but can easily exchange:

    Puma Men's TT Super CC Navy/White

    Good call, or would you guys recommend a different color (they have light gray or black in that shoe), another sneaker, or something else entirely?


    I'm not a sneaker expert, but here are my thoughts...

    You can certainly wear navy sneakers w/ jeans, but I think they look better as a way of dressing down chinos. With jeans, they can make your lower half look like one giant block of blue. So if I were looking for a pair of sneakers to wear primarily with jeans, I'd look for white, tan, grey, or black (though I'm not crazy about black sneakers myself).

    Also, and this might be a nitpick, but wrt these Pumas, I prefer my sneakers to be as close to monochrome as possible (not counting the bottom white rim). So I personally would prefer something that didn't have that white contrasting Puma wing (or whatever it is) breaking up the blue, but that's just me being particular--the sneakers look plenty good and I'd certainly wear them.



      Thanks for the input. The blue on blue was my concern as well. Hadn't thought about wearing them with Chinos, that's a good idea if I decide to keep 'em.



        Wool sneakers are good for fall and winter. I'm considering these Jack Purcell slipons

        Retro New Balances are a nice option as well

        Grey is a good color that blends with pretty much any outfit.

        I have some grey linen slipon Chucks that look nice with dark jeans, but there's no cushioning at all.