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grey v neck undershirts

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    grey v neck undershirts

    Is it me or does no one sell multi-packs of cheap grey vneck undershirts? All I can ever find is grey/black mixes, which I don't want or non-undershirt t-shirt singles.

    I want a 3-5 pack hanes/fruitoftheloom/etc grey v neck undershirt pack.

    What gives?!

    #2 -- wearing one right now.




      I just saw them at Target (fruitoftheloom stuff). At least white ones. Don't recall if I saw grey. It might be worth checking it out anyway.



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          Vovan: They sell white in multipacks, but grey only comes paired with black.

          Kevin: I know I can buy singles or black/grey mixes. I want a cheap grey only multipack.

          The gap 2 pack is the closet.



            I just picked up a 2-pack of Hanes "Premium" heather gray V-neck t-shirts today at Target for $12, but yeah, the 3- and 6-packs of the cheaper variety shirts were all white.



              FYI, gap v-neck undershirts run extremely big! I am not a big dude and the smalls fit like M or Ls, IMO. Buy a size down.

              (I'm 5-8, 145-150 lbs... got small and they were way too big.)



                I picked up the gap 2-pack with 30% off. They do run big, specifically on the long side.

                Check out this link regarding undershirts. I also have the Alternative Apparel one and I have to agree that it might be perfect.




                  I've searched and searched for grey v necks and I found some good ones at JCPenney... They have fruit of the loom 2 packs for $12

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                      I've had the same problem of trying to find grey v-neck undershirts at an affordable price. The cheapest I've found is $6/each. Target has a 2 pack of Hanes for $12, but they're not 100% cotton. I'm a cheap guy and in my opinion anything over $4 a piece for undershirts is ridiculous. And $20 for two plus shipping for Ribbed Tee, and Gap is just out of the question. Maybe that's just me.

                      I finally found these:

                      They have mixed reviews on fit, but I bought a couple packs of the heather grey. We'll see. I may have to just suck it up and pay the premium.