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    Suit fit check

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a custom suit from an online MTM suit maker (not Indochino). I'd love to get your opinions on the fit:

    Yes, I know that my face looks like some horrific surrealist painting.

    My thoughts are that the jacket's just a tad tight in the shoulders and chest, which might be what's causing the lapels to not quite sit flat when my arms are at my sides.

    I'm also considering bringing the jacket in just a bit on the sides.

    I didn't show the pants because they definitely fit great.


    Hi texbuck,

    Just to let you know - we have a thread that is dedicated to questions like this:

    Official "How Does This Fit?" Thread

    It's a sticky and can be easily found at the top of the page.

    The jacket definitely looks too tight in the lower chest area (judging from the front - you can see how one of the lapels is trying to stand up AND that radial fold going away from the jacket button).

    Also, from the back it looks like you got some extra fabric on your back right next to your armpits. It looks very weird.

    Maybe somebody else can guess what's going on there. You probably need to take it in in those areas.

    Possible reasons why one of the lapels is not sitting flat could be:

    1) the jacket is not sitting straight on you

    2) one of your shoulders is lower than the other (doesn't look that's the case)

    3) maybe the jacket was made crooked - JK :-)



      Hi Vovan,

      Sorry I missed the sticky thread. Thanks for the reply.

      If it is a too tight in the lower chest area, is there some way that a tailor could fix it, or is it a lost cause?

      I see what you mean about the extra fabric in the back. It seems like that is near the same level where it is too tight in front. I wonder if it's just the way the jacket is sitting?



        Hmm, I'm not sure how you would fix that. It doesn't meant it's not possible. Maybe somebody else can help?



          Like Vovan mentioned your right shoulder looks to be an inch to an inch and a half lower than your left shoulder; this causes the lapel to lay poorly and bow out (which makes it look like the jacket is too tight). The back can be fixed by taking it to a tailor and requesting a "raised back" procedure. But all that is kind of irrelevant because that jacket is way too short. I would send it back if possible.



            Please post a full body shot from head to shoes. It's hard to tell how a jacket fits without seeing it in proportion to the rest of your body.

            Shoulder width, chest width look reasonable enough.

            The deal breaker for me here is that the jacket is way too short. I'm not a traditionalist by any means and prefer my jackets a bit shorter and more modern, but yours, at least from the angle in the 2nd to last picture, looks pretty bad. You need at least another two inches or so.



              Here are a couple more shots that I took yesterday that show the full suit. You should ignore the shoes and how they make the pants look. I had just grabbed the first pair I could find, and they aren't the shoes I'll be wearing with the suit.


              I should mention that the shorter jacket is part of the "aesthetic" that this maker goes for. According to their site, they make the jacket "approx 2” longer than bottom of sleeve length."

              In my case, it seems like it might not be quite 2" longer, but unfortunately I don't have the jacket handy right now to measure it.

              Honestly, the length isn't really a concern for me. I knew it was on the shorter side, but I didn't really think of it as "too" short until you guys just mentioned it.



                texbuck, The short jacket length looks silly. It's as though you're wearing a suit that you purchased before growing 4-6". It's not a good look. Other observations: the sleeves are good, the shoulders are good, the back can be fixed. I strongly dislike the overlapping pockets on the left, and the lapels are disappointing.

                Keep in mind that you're a good looking guy. You deserve a good looking suit.



                  I dissent somewhat from Bruschetta's position in that I don't think that the length is so short as to look out of place, but I'll agree that it is borderline. In contrast, I think that the overlapping ticket pocket is absurd. The lapels aren't great either. I hate to say it, but I'd probably request a remake on that jacket, particularly if whomever you ordered from doesn't offer a tailoring credit. There are simply too many things to fix, and not all of them are particularly cheap. And that overlapping ticket pocket needs to go away and die somewhere.



                    I'm in team "too short." It looks silly to me. Most other important aspects are fine, but you'll need a remake for the length.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano