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Style for The Larger Gentleman

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    Style for The Larger Gentleman

    We larger guys are stylish gents too! Though it may take more trying on, additional shopping savvy, lots of trips to the tailor, and lots of returns, we have our own unique set of style requirements. Being a larger guy myself (stocky, thick, and also short)who is meticulous and passionate about his wardrobe I thought maybe we could share some tips, complaints, favorite brands, etc....

    I am picky about my fit and like things to fit trim but not tight and it is a tough sweet spot to find and nearly everything requires tailoring.

    For frame of reference I am 5'9" very stocky with a 19.5 inch neck and a 50R jacket. I typically buy a 40 waist pant as well. Usually tops are XXL or XXXL depending on cut/brand.

    A few things that have fit me well....

    Levis 514 (sometimes)

    Gap XXXL slim fit dress shirts

    Gap Straight Fit denim

    Bonobos XXL shirts (but not the oxford)

    Bonobos 40 W chinos

    Brooks Brothers Slim Fit dress shirts used to fit but not their slim fit is no longer a slim fit, very disappointing.

    Steven Alan shirts - my favorite but expensive. Thankfully there is an outlet near my house that has them at routinely more than half off.

    Truthfully I buy and return a lot of stuff online. It is a pain but I have accepted it as a reality of shopping stylishly and affordable for a guy my size.

    "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius