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Need help selecting between these two Burberry quilted jackets

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    Need help selecting between these two Burberry quilted jackets


    Primarily, I'm fairly athletic and not going for a femininine, emaciated GQ look, and these are very good prices on what seems to be a legitimate, eBay-type site. (the items look legit and not fake but it is always a gamble)

    I like that the first jacket has Primaloft in it

    The second jacket is more streamlined though

    Currently thinking about the first one..


    Yeah, the pockets on the second coat look very pronounced and feminine -- I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on the first jacket unless someone wants to talk me out of it.

    I have lots of black and dark-color jackets (like 5-6, but they are all outdoorsy type like North Face or Arcteryx) and one Icebreaker peacoat winter coat but nothing really casual-classy for going out on the town

    I looked at other quilted jackets -- from Eddie Bauer to Land's End to J Crew to Asos to Boden and had issues with all of them.. Mostly, they are either boxy-looking in the waist or cheap-looking or there are weird pocket/adornment choices...



      are these authentic Burberry? The seller seems to be selling lots of high end brands (LV, Chanel etc for hard-to-believe prices).



        See, here's the thing -- I'm not sure, on the pictures, the stitching and everything looks fairly good.

        Anyone had dealings with people on ioffer?



          If you like the styling, regardless of brand, I say go for it. However, if you're hoping to get a great deal on designer gear, I would be careful. Having traveled to Asia, I've seen some pretty good knockoffs (heck even the warehouse districts of Houston), especially with the Luxe brands.

          I checked out the seller's other wares: really cheap designer handbags and other red flag products. I would steer clear, personally.



            I think you are probably right

            Here's a very similar product with much lesser (?) chance of being fake although who knows:

            Pretty good discount and only my size (S) available if this is actual Burberry



              I've read ioffer is saturated with counterfeit goods.



                Yep, I just did some googling. Almost positive it's fake at this point. Not interested. Sounds like I will be going to Last Call or Off Saks Fifth instead..



                  iOffer is all fakes. It is handy to search and see if a fake version is offered of something you are buying second hand, so you know whether or not to be dubious, but thats it. Often times iOffer listings use photos of genuine products, so you cannot go by the photos in the listings to know anything about the quality of what they might actually send you. I know about iOffer originally because a girl I know was (knowingly) buying a bunch of knock off stuff on there until she got burned on a rather big order.

                  One thing I've had luck with is, if you see something like that quilted jacket that you like... there is a chance that it might be available on eBay without the fake branding, for a lot less. I have bought some unbranded/weird name branded Chinese made stuff for decent prices that were obviously probably made in the same factories that are pumping out these fakes. For example, I've gotten several pairs of suede driving mocs in different colors (Colors I couldn't find elsewhere in my price range) that are obviously in the same exact style as Tod's, and are probably sold on sites like iOffer with a Tod's badge sewn on, but since they were sold on eBay they didn't have any branding at all. They've held up great and were cheap. Theres a chance that if you like that style of quilted jacket, if you search for it on eBay by its features, you might find it under some funny engrish brand name.



                    Ummm the price is the first red flag. And some of the pictures have Chinese lettering. If people actually think these are real-deal jackets laugh-out-loud!



                      Well, the Chinese letters themselves don't mean anything as even with originals, most of the stuff today is made in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc anyway,

                      I'm sure the highEST-end stuff is still made in England, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, but even mid-range brand name stuff is all made oversees, primarily Asia

                      One example of a recent move to China was Arcteryx which up until about 2008-2009 was all made in Canada (British Columbia) but not any more!

                      I guess my point was that I actually believed that these prices were OK for some of this stuff as I'm aware of deep discounts that even actual product makers offer themselves. So, it is not unheard of for a 1,000 item to be offered at 200-300 dollars are even less.

                      My search, obviously, continues at this point. Nothing close is turning up on eBay unfortunately even at less stellar discounts. I feel like we are in-between seasons, so not all fall-winter stuff is out yet, and last winter's supplies have dried up.