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Funniest/stupidest comment you've received about something you're wearing

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    Funniest/stupidest comment you've received about something you're wearing

    I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of humorous/ridiculous/offensive comments you've received about how you dress (sorry if one of these threads has been created in the past).

    One of my coworkers gave me a good laugh today about my blue AE Neumoks.

    Boss: Nice shoes.

    Coworker #1 (who knows I won them): Tell everyone how much you paid for them.

    Me: Nothing!

    Coworker #2: Is that because you stole them from a bowling alley?


    Not sure which category these fall (humorous, ridiculous, etc) but they all happened my first week on the job:

    Day 1 (Thursday): I was wearing Khaki Chinos, Navy Blue blazer, white shirt and burgundy-ish tie.

    Female Co-worker: Gee, if you keep dressing like that maybe it'll rub off on the other guys.

    Day 2 (Casual Friday): Wasn't sure how casual it would be (and wasn't even sure it was actually Casual Friday, no one told me so I just assumed). I wore Khaki Chinos, really pale checkered blue shirt, brownish subtly-checkered sports coat and chocolate knit tie.

    Male Co-worker: If this is casual, I'd hate to see what formal looks like.

    Needless to say, Casual Friday consisted of jeans and polo for most people.

    Day 3 (Monday): Sen. Vice Pres of company comes to me and says, "Seriously, you've gotta stop wearing the ties." I'm not sure if he was joking or not but I stopped wearing ties.

    Also every time I come to work with a new shirt (which is like every 2 or 3 days it seems), one particular co-worker always greets me with "DAMN SON! WHERE'D YOU FIND THIS!" (It's a bit of an inside joke, had-to-be-there kinda thing, which is especially funny considering most of my co-workers are older, super-conservative types).



      The scene: an elementary school playground

      The day: Tie-day Friday, of course

      The characters: me and coworker. Picture a very tall, quite heavyset man in his late 50's early 60's. He has a large walrus-like mustache that is mostly gray but stained yellow from tobacco. He is wearing wraparound sunglasses, a safari hat, a patagonia safari shirt, nearly matching cargo shorts, Teva sandals, and tall socks. This has no bearing on the story, but he has a pretty great NYC accent, so read it with that in mind. I am wearing a blazer with a patterned shirt and patterned tie. Loud, for sure, but also completely optional.

      Coworker: I could hear you coming from all the way down the hall today.

      Me: Um.. excuse me?

      Coworker: Well, you must have some serious brass cajones to wear that!

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        "This isn't a Deee-Lite video."

        Some kid on the subway to me. I was wearing custom-made, bright-colored paisley pants.



          The comments of everyone other than myself in the WIWT thread. (Cymbal crash, hi-hat.)

          I received a bit of grief while I was in the southwest of the United States (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) for wearing nice shoes. I've also received snide comments when I wear pink, or generally dress well when traveling through rural areas.



            "You look like you just walked out of a J. Crew catalog."

            "You look like a boat captain"

            Both of these were while wearing a white oxford button-down from LEC, navy shorts from target and suede bucks.



              I've gotten "Good luck on the interview" or "Did you rob a Banana Republic during lunch". My work environment is golf shirts and khakis, esp during summer months.



                I love this thread!

                My fav so far is "Did you rob a Banana Republic during lunch"!




                  Paraphrased: "Don't wear a tie around the scientists."

                  Edit: Just saw bruschetta's comment. I was about to travel to the southwest and this was the advice I received.



                    I've had a few general comments made about me recently, instead of something particular about what I was wearing at the time.

                    Had a friend I hadn't seen in a few months tell me jokingly "You look like a male model or something." I laughed it off and said "well I wouldn't go that far with it"

                    Had my best friend a couple weeks ago say he was gonna start calling me Dapper Dan. Lol. Then he did a couple times later that day. Dont know what sparked the new nickname, but I've been called worse for sure.

                    Most recently one of my wife's friends who again hadn't seen me in awhile told her "he looks amazing" with me within earshot. My wife said "Don't give him a bigger head than he already has"



                      This thread is gold. My general experience is compliments by the women and generally unoriginal "are you going to church or a funeral?" comments from men.

                      Among the more memorable:

                      Female co-worker: "You look just like a stick of gum." (WTF does that mean)

                      Female acquaintance, to her husband, my golf buddy: "You should really try dressing more like him."

                      Female co-worker/slut: "Every time you wear that jacket, it makes my day." (Thank for the rather stiff and ill-fitting chino sportcoat, Land's End)

                      Male Co-worker: "So are you taking over from Colonel Sanders, because I'd like a discount on the Family Feast meal." (wearing a whitish linen suit and red gingham chambray tie.)

                      Boss: "You look kind of, how do I say it ... faggy today." (wearing a pink buttondown and strawberry tie.



                        I get asked both in the office and on college campuses, "Why are you so dressed up?" I'm sure we all get that question. My responses, shamelessly stolen from A Suitable Wardrobe's blog on the subject:

                        My probation hearing is today.

                        Costume shop was out of Sailor Moon costume.

                        Worked for Ted Bundy.

                        Last chance to wear these before my sex change.

                        You may say I am overdressed, but I make up for it by being overeducated.



                          Just today while wearing a new shawl collar cardigan (which I bough thanks to the thread)

                          Female co-worker: "Well don't you like snazzy with your jacket"

                          Me: "Thanks I just got it"

                          Female co-worker: "Looks like you robbed a hip grandpa....I mean that in the nicest way possible"



                            A friend of a friend said I looked like an insurance salesman. I was wearing a blazer, a gingham shirt and jeans (and he was wearing a graphic t-shirt).

                            Not sure I would buy from an insurance agent dressed like this.



                              @D. Craig

                              My first name is Daniel, and I have a coworker that sometimes calls me Dapper Dan too