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in all seriousnes (if possible lol) What jewelry would you wear?

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    in all seriousnes (if possible lol) What jewelry would you wear?

    Besides watches, rings, tie clips, earrings, livestrong bracelets, cufflinks, and crucifix necklaces.

    - What jewelry would you wear?

    ***** If you had to wear something and your life depended on it *****

    ** Please post pictures


    Do men grown men still wear earrings and Live (steroid) Strong bracelets?

    Not all at the same time:


    wedding ring

    silver crucifix necklace


    tie bar



      You're opening a can of worms with the steroid accusation, bremersm. But that's a different conversation.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Lol @ greg_s

        @bremersm, imma have to update the list now adding cufflinks and crucifix necklaces



          I'm not religious, but I always loved the idea of wearing some kind of symbolic necklace. Never been able to find one that is non-religious, though.

          Besides all of those things... Probably some sort of piercing. I'm not a piercing guy, but at least isn't overtly feminine.



            I wear no jewelry. Within the last year I've started wearing watches again. After I get married, I will obviously wear my wedding ring. Besides that I do not wear any jewelry nor do I have any desire to.



              No watches, no jewelry... I even stopped wearing my wedding ring.



                A watch... That's it.

                No more wedding rings for me please



                  so... besides the exceptions listed above, you guys would wear all the exceptions listed above lol funny but not helpful

                  " ***** If you had to wear something and your life depended on it ***** "

                  Not from the list above.

                  Just trying to see what pieces we agree on. At the moment I'm wearing something similar to this on the same wrist


                  and this




                    jcandelario & kenneth, you would be surprised at how effective nipple and crotch diamond studs can be at elevating an outfit to the next level. Small platinum rings are also acceptable as long as they retain their magnetism. Tongue studs and rings are harder to match.

                    nicholascrawford, May I borrow it? I wouldn't mind being married to that little lady of yours.



                      What other jewelry options are available to men?

                      Perhaps pocket watches? I would wear a pocket watch if I absolutely had to.

                      Collar pins if I had to be very 'fancy' ala Barlow:

                      That's about as 'man jewelry' as I would get.



                        Not for nothing his suit bling is pretty cool.

                        This one's on me though, i should've outright asked what bracelets or necklaces would you guys wear (If you had to)?

                        And I know, tough question since both those words have a strong feminine connotation to them. Think Jack Sparrow, dude's pretty badass, I mean pirates wore jewelry all the time... and.. They were badass lol.



                          watch, wedding band (if applicable), cuff links, tie bar. that's it.



                            necklace and watch for me...might get into cuff links and tie bar later on, but not for now.