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    bruschetta, I had no idea. It was fate I guess. I'm going to have to chat with you about places to visit next April because we're headed to England, Scotland and France for vacation.



      Bruschetta, you can be Dappered's Caledonian correspondent. "Still cold and wet, and most everybody's still wearing tweed... Um, that's about it. Back to you, Joe."

      Mine would be: "Still sweating in the miserable humidity, awash in a sea of dri-fit company logo polos and crocs."



        Where in Scotland are you? And why? (Exiled Scot, here.)

        In all seriousness, I actually would post a photo of myself in a kilt in WIWT, next time I go home for a wedding.



          I can tell you that he does read this threads. If you notice, a LOT of the main site content comes from things posted here (sale tip offs, style debates, etc)



            Although my input here is probably less valuable than that of others who have frequented the site for more than a few months, I'd like to add another voice to the growing chorus who agrees with most (if not all) of what the OP is saying.

            I would also add this, although I'm sure many will disagree with it: on a style blog whose bread and butter is "frugal fashion" (to quote an earlier post in this thread), I very often find myself scratching my head when I see another article about a chronograph. Given that non-quartz watches almost never cost less than a few hundred dollars, those reviews/discussions strike me as glaringly out-of-keeping with most of the rest of the material on this site.

            I get the impression that Joe is a real "watch guy," whether he owns a bunch of high-end watches or not. And that's fine -- he's into nice watches (which I don't care a whole lot about), and I'm into high-end denim (which Joe has indicated that he's not big on). Can I afford a bunch of high-end jeans? No, but I am interested in them, and I own a couple of pairs of them. My guess is that that's similar to Joe's position on traditional (non-electric) watches.

            In case Joe does read this thread, I would like to suggest a reader poll asking "How many watches do you own?" or "What's the most you would ever pay for a watch?" or something along those lines. I could be very wrong about this, but I strongly suspect that the vast majority of this blog's readership is not nearly interested enough in watches to justify the amount of attention they are paid here.

            Like the OP, I sincerely apologize if this comes off as anything other than well-intentioned criticism/suggestions. Tone is hard to modulate in a formatting-free forum post!



              Dappered is great.

              If I had to give some feedback:

              - I don't read all the filler posts either, but I'm glad they're there. It's enjoyable to read them when I have the time, but that's not always the case. (Offered Without Comment is hilarious!)

              - I agree with Bulldoggery. I have no interest in paying more than $100 for a watch, and I'm disappointed to see such high-priced watches on a affordable-wear site. And I agree with OP that there has been a trend away from truly affordable items. That's fine, but I'm still a lot less likely to by a $60 shirt than a $20 one.

              - I haven't seen many outfit guides since I started reading, and I would love more of those.

              However, do know that all these comments are very minor things and I am still very happy to be reading Dappered as it is now.



                @Jordan - I recall the tiff you and JC had about the double breasted blazer and then Joe posted a style debate about it.

                I also pretty much agree with bulldoggery, I'm not into watches and generally ignore the posts about them. But hey, Joe should write about what interests him!



                  The watch example is a perfect illustration of how broad the audience is for Dappered. His traffic is actually really quite high. So what doesn't appeal to some may get thousands of hits (the controversial Shannon Sharpe feature comes to mind). I'm not huge into it, but think it is ok. However, my understanding is that those posts drew a lot of traffic. This may be the case for some of these other articles that are being called "filler" here.

                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                    Sure, and I totally understand that. It does appear to strengthen the case for more content of all kinds, though.

                    And I really liked the Shannon Sharpe stuff.



                      I go to different styleblogs for different reasons.

                      I like Dappered first of all because of the community here. I think Joe, Greg, and the rest of the team (and newly minted moderators! huzzah!) deserve a lot of the credit for making this place special.

                      By contrast, Dappered has a lot of the fun spirit and jovial nature that is all but missing on Styleforum. The threads section is always fun and informative, and it has the feel of some guys sitting around having drinks while shooting the breeze. Styleforum, while a great source of opinions, menswear "rules", and brand information, has the feeling of a guy walking into an icy emporium and being scrutinized and judged by sales clerks who reluctantly deign to condescend and acknowledge your presence. I typically only go to Styleforum for quick checks on subscribed threads and leave as soon as I can. I spend about 5 times as much time on Dappered than Styleforum, and 3 times as much time on Dappered than Valetmag.

                      That said, I go to Styleforum whenever I need information on high end brands and frequent the sales boards there for alerts for obscure haberdasheries I don't find out about on

                      I go to for light reading which is more pleasant than the "menswear as advertising" approach taken by the likes of GQ and Esquire. I have a subscription to both but I literally tear out any ads I see (whose opposite side does not have magazine content). The personal shopper (deals) page there is fantastic for me, but detrimental to my wallet and budgeting, so beware! Valetmag has no forum though, so it's more like a magazine, as the name suggests.

                      Last but not least, I love Megan Collins' work at Stylegirlfriend. If you haven't had a chance to check out her blog, you're missing a blog that blends some great perspective from the fairer sex with humor and good taste. The interaction there is more via comments, but she is very responsive to her readers and has very interesting posts. Think of it like a mix of "how to wear it", "what to wear", and general topics that Dappered is known for without the trademark "In person" reviews Joe does (because Megan's a girl of course).

                      And of course, I need a platform for bragging about my latest thrifting finds (though having the ability to host pictures here would be nice since I have to do that at SF for now).

                      I am a watch scout veteran, meaning I love timepieces, but am not buying them any more. I own the gamut, from the affordable and bulletproof Seikos to the higher reaches (Omega territory). Thus, I can appreciate the need to balance budget and style and enjoy helping my fellow Dapperedites (is that a word?) push the envelope and get the most bang for their buck. I do think that some of the watch content here is more aspirational, in much the same way that picking up a copy of Esquire and seeing recommendations for $650 pants and $4000 Hermes bags is more than a little bit out of reach. That's why I posted a few items about buying great watches for less and how to do that and try to respond to posts from folks with a budget.

                      All in all,



                        I thought I was the only one who tore out all the ad pages from my magazines -- guiltybystander, you've made me feel vindicated! Seriously, those ads are nothing more than annoying distractions -- particularly the ones made of card stock (or whatever), which is most of them.

                        And ditto on this place vs. Styleforum. My first couple of forays over there yielded nothing but condescending snobbery, from guys who I imagine would blow away if they walked out of Barney's and into a stiff wind. Like you, I do still check in over there for a limited number of specific questions/topics, but I'll be damned if I'm going to post there again in the foreseeable future.

                        This place is much more convivial, much more of a community -- or it least it feels that way most of the time. I suppose that's why several of us have felt comfortable offering our unsolicited opinions/criticism in this thread!



                          Hey Guys. bere09 sent me an email yesterday about this thread, and since then I've been keeping an eye on it. Many thanks for all the suggestions, and know that the small team that makes Dappered go is incredibly thankful to have a group like you guys on board. Honestly, thanks a million.

                          Couple things: Would love to spend time on threads, but... I'd just never have the amount of time to do it right and interact the way I'd like to. So, know that. Also, know that I always give credit to anyone who sends in a style tip about a sale, potential article, etc. Whether it comes in via email, twitter, or threads, credit is given. So to say that ideas for articles are taken from threads without proper acknowledgement is false. Sure sometimes sales and ideas will match up, but I'll give credit if I see them and would never think of passing off an idea I saw somewhere else as my own. Hope that's understood.

                          Thanks again, and a huge thanks to Accousticfoodie, bruschetta, ChrisW, greg_s, and nicholascrawford for doing the dirty work of moderating.

                          Putting the periscope back down now. [email protected] if you have any direct questions. I'll do my best to give this thread another read this weekend and sometime next week.




                            Oh wow, until now I thought that Joe and NC might have been the same person (ignoring the difference in builds in their pics of course).

                            I am the opposite of a lot of opinions posted in this thread in that I do care about watches. It's cool when I see Joe post about a smaller brand like CW. Or when I see him post about a $200 Seiko, I see that as a very reasonably priced alternative for someone who doesn't want to shell out the money for a 'nicer' watch.



                              Just to clarify my post, I wasn't insinuating that Joe takes ideas or content from Threads and uses them without giving credit. From what I've seen, he makes sure to always credit a source, regardless of its origination.