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    Agreed with the OP, this is clearly intended as constructive criticism and is plainly a positive message. I personally couldn't agree more with the substance of bere's criticism, there are numerous types of posts here that I don't even open, much less skim. The sale selections are my personal favorite, and I always enjoy the classics, but the "Style Poll" and "Would you wear it" and "Steal the style" are not favorites of mine. I'm okay with filler, though, I recognize that this is only one of the things that Joe does with his life.

    I personally like the shift toward low-middle range stores rather than the bargain basement: I'm not going to go into an Old Navy and buy clothes, but I'm likely to shop at outlets like Last Call and Nordstrom Rack. As long as the site doesn't start to appeal to the StyleForum crowd of astronomical prices (like ShopTheFinest and to some extent ASuitableWardrobe), I'm happy where it is.

    As an aside, I wonder if Joe is considering adding more affiliate writers, sort of like PutThisOn has done (and, even though I don't want this site to be anything like it, StyleBlogger). I'd personally LOVE to get more content flowing out, as Dappered is also my first internet stop of the day and I always look forward to it.

    Also, one final note: set up the damn donation link for the forums! I want something more real with which to communicate with the Dappered community, and I'm willing to pay for it. I doubt that I'm the only one. Take advantage of that.



      I agree with John Pepper, summer isnt the best season for the style conscious (which is unfortunate since I live in SoCal, sunny 90% of the time). Fall and Winter bring good tidings.

      That being said, I too do not enjoy the so-called filler articles. Still, it isnt like I am coming to this website for hard hitting news. I come here to relax, learn, and perhaps find something to quench my consumer needs.

      As someone mentioned Joe has a fulltime job. Churning out the more involved articles, such as the "Most Wanted Affordable Style" and "10 Best Bets Under $75 of less" takes time and effort, unless we want to start to see random stuff that Joe isnt able to research properly.

      I know bere09 was simply stating what many around here feel about the "filler" articles. Rather than writing about how we dislike these articles, why doesnt this forum of apparently intelligent and style conscious individuals propose ideas that Joe can develop. Many times the idea for the story is the hardest part (at least for me) and the development comes a little easier.

      At the end of the day Joe is the Grand Poobah around here but perhaps he would be open to accepting articles or article ideas from his readers in order to help fill the gaps.

      Perhaps, job or industry specific style suggestions, style where you live (inspired by the Driving Inertia blog contributions) readers could submit critique and suggestions of style trends in the cities or towns they live in.

      My point is rather than just say "Please Sir, may I have some more", lets try and make this thing collaborative, if Joe is down with it. If not, the occasional filler is ok by this guy.



        CJJ and Kenneth:

        THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Each of these posts is written from a different perspective, but both accomplish the same goal. Ideas on how we can make this site better. We have some incredibly intelligent and stylish individuals in the threads section. Would it be too much to ask the threads section as a whole to come up with one or two articles a week if Joe is down with it? Or maybe people can team up and knock out articles together. Obviously volunteer at first, but if things work well and start to make money maybe Joe takes a Put this On approach and starts adding writers to the staff. Maybe just perks and giveaways to the guys who help him put articles together.

        I apologize for the stream of consciousness there, but these two posts are they types of posts I was hoping to inspire. My ideas are already well known. More "Steal the Style", "How to wear it" and "One Store" Outfits. What are your ideas?



          I too have been disappointed with Dappered's content. So much so, that I'm demanding a refund.



            Bere09 - No need to backpedal or defend yourself. This is a great thread.

            Who said this isn't Joe's day job? That'd be news to me.

            I know that Dappered is walking a very independent route by not being in the pocket of any brand which makes the value of the critiques in each post that much more credible. And personally, I find the Steal the Style posts the least useful along with the guest posts (sorry guys), but I think that's just another example of how all these categories serve us as an audience differently.



              NC - I was inferring from some of his posts. Just looking at today's lunch box post, he says he packs his lunch everyday and some other stuff to make it in to work. I assumed he had a regular day job.



                Huh...going to Dappered HQ? =)



                  I agree with you regarding the current guest posts Nicholas, but I think that has to do with the content or type of posts as opposed to the fact that they are done by guests. I think if we had a few "correspondents" if you want to call them that churning out specialized posts (one or two of us doing "One Store Outfits", one or two of us doing "How to wear it", one or two of us doing "The Suggestion" or even any other ideas that Joe approves and makes sense) that it could be a significant boost to the content that the website provided. Obviously Joe would have a hand in guiding these posts and obviously final veto power over their creation. It's his playground, we're just playing in it.



                    I assumed the same thing that Vicious49 did. Perhaps Joe has some cool cave based dappered HQ a la Batman... my small geek out of the day.



                      Alright. I emailed Joe a link to this thread. Hopefully he doesn't take it the wrong way. I'm up for helping if he's interested and I'm sure quite a few of us would be up for it as well. We'll see.



                        Joe, if you're reading this: remember, the next time you hold a contest be sure to choose "bruschetta" as the winner. That's bruschetta with a B. Keep up the good work!



                          I've been reading dappered for several months now, and while I completely agree with all of the previously stated points (the aforementioned articles are the reasons why I started reading dappered) the "filler articles" as they have been called are a sometimes interesting or even just something to read.

                          That being said, I think that many individuals on this forum have great insights of their own and I know their contributions could help to shoulder the load. There is great strength in numbers...



                            Good timing bruschetta, I think tomorrow's giveaway is the coveted "Mountain Hardwear Elkommando Kilt"




                              bere09, did you happen to know that I live and work in Scotland when you posted that? Either way, I appreciate the humor and refer you to Utilikilts!



                                @bruschetta Can't wait to see a picture of you in the WIWT thread wearing a kilt.