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    Let me start with the fact that I love this website and the Dappered Community. I wake up at 5:15 every morning and the first thing I do is feed my dog and check Dappered to see whats new. Joe brings us some great information on a daily basis and I know it's hard work to run a blog like this. That being said, I personally LOVE constructive criticism. I'm always looking for ways to better myself and so I on occasion will actively seek it even if it's not offered. What follows is constructive criticism. It's not bashing Joe. It's not telling him that his website sucks because obviously that is the opposite of the truth. It's just some thoughts from my personal point of view on how the website can improve.

    First things first. They sales threads are always great. I'm immensely grateful for how much money Joe has saved me in the time I've been reading this blog. These are fantastic, please keep it up. Don't forget about the cheaper stores though. Target, Old Navy, Gap used to be staples and I fell they've fallen to the wayside a bit. I like the mid-range stuff that's been posted lately, just don't forget that there are some non-traditional places to find amazing deals on quality clothes.

    Now let's talk about some of the other articles recently. I love and find incredibly useful the articles like "10 Best Bets Under $75 of less", "Ten Stylish Picks for under $10", "Most Wanted Affordable Style" and the "In Person" and "Long Term" Tests. I am NOT a big fan of the "Style Poll", "Offered without Comment" and "Would you wear it" articles. This is going to sound somewhat harsh, but they smack of being filler articles and the minute I see them I skip right over them with a deflated feeling. I would rather see less articles on a daily basis in exchange for a the return and regular showings of "How to wear it", "The Suggestion", "Steal the Style" and what I though was a genius article but never returned, the "One Store One Outfit" article. (I feel like you could expand it to "One Store, Two Outfits" depending on the store and it would be amazing). I know these articles take more time to put together, but what makes these articles great is that I always learn something and I'm exposed to style ideas that are outside of my normal scope. It allows me to integrate things I'd never considered and helps to evolve my personal style. On top of that, instead of skipping over an article or maybe viewing it once. I may reread these articles 2-5 times within the first 48 hours and then I'll inevitably reference them on multiple occasions in the future. (From what I hear, page views are a good thing on these here interwebs.)

    Please take this information for the constructive criticism that it is, and I'd only do this if I absolutely loved and cared about the success of something. If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas let's talk about them. I'd be happy to help in anyway I can as well so I'd be happy to have a conversation with anyone regarding this. Just reply to this post that you'd like my email and I'll email the tips line. It's Joe's blog, but we're all responsible for helping to make it as successful as possible.


    I disagree with your 1st point about him ignoring the less expensive stores. He talks about those Target Merona shirts so much that I even put a few in my shopping cart before eventually deciding to not pull the trigger.

    I totally agree with your 2nd point about the articles. I enjoy the same ones you do and dislike the 'filler' ones as well. I just figure it's hard to come up with 3 articles every day (especially if he has a real day job taking up his time) so I don't hold it against him.



      Absolutely Vicious. Again, I don't hold the filler stuff against him and it takes a lot of time and talent to run a blog. I may have the time, but I definitely don't have the talent.



        I actually really like the "offered without comment" ones, and so do my friends (I email links to them when they come up). But I agree with your main point that the best posts are the ones offering advice about what looks good together -- posts that teach you something, in other words. And yes, those must take an enormous amount of time to create, so I'm thankful for each one that Joe takes the time to put together.



          I think that a lot of readers want their favorite blog to be a one stop shop. I think the better solution would be for the reader to expand thier views. I don't mean to stop visiting a great site like Dappered, but maybe supplement it with other sites. There are many great sites out there related to style.



            bremersm, I understand your point completely and I am on your side. I supplement Dappered with quite a few other sites. What I've found is that when the articles I mentioned were in regular rotation, Dappered was the best site by far of the many I would read. No other sites did anything like it. Recently however with the disappearance of these posts and the emergence of the "Filler" posts, it's tumbled back closer to the pack.

            This wouldn't be a problem if other blogs did features like these, but either A)They don't (This is usually the case) or B)They MAY do the "Steal The Style" type article, but not with the skill, quality and focus on frugal fashion that Joe did. If these were prevalent on the other sites then this wouldn't be an issue for me, but they're not. I feel like Dappered articles have skewed into territory covered by a lot of other blogs, and away from a niche that made it unique and informing.



              Try I love their Getup posts which they do very regularly and they recently ran a Steal the Style post but I am not sure if that will be a regular feature going forward.



                Primer is a great site that I've been following for a while and they are the only other website that does anything close to what Joe used to do on a regular basis. Their Getup posts are fantastic.

                Again, this is not me bitching and moaning or threatening to take my ball and go home or anything like that. I don't want it to come across like I'm complaining at all because that's not the case. It's just my honest opinion on how you can make an already amazing site better.



                  Yeah I think part of the process is Joe exploring what direction he wants Dappered to go and what niche it should fill.

                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                    I get where you're coming from (I don't care much for the filler articles, either), but I think you have to be realistic about how much heavily researched content you can expect. If your argument was that the blog is becoming mostly filler at the expense of substance (which I don't think is the case, but I've only been regularly reading the blog for the past 3 months or so), then that'd be an important point. But, as it is, I think you have to understand there's a limit on how much truly original and researched stuff Joe's capable of churning out and thus some articles aren't going to be as useful or interesting.

                    And fwiw, from Joe's p.o.v., page hits from filler are still page hits--and those hits are *in addition* to the multiple times you or another reader might re-read a more substantial article. There's no incentive for him to discontinue the filler and it allows him to put up new content on the site on days/weeks where there aren't many sales and/or he doesn't have as much time to devote to the blog.



                      If it was truly constructive criticism then you would have sent this to him personally - not publicly.




                        That is honestly a fair point that skipped my mind. I guess I wanted to get some discussion going on other reader's thoughts about the website and I started the discussion with my own thoughts. Joe can use this information as he sees fit obviously as it's his blog, but I think it's healthy to have these types of discussions occasionally to see what people like and don't like.



                          I think the greater wardrobe flexibility of the fall and pre-holiday sales will bring more "useful" content. Summer isn't exactly the best season for dressing up. If he wants to throw out some filler for now, no problem. As you said, just ignore it. Some people (like myself) get a chuckle out of some of them. Also, there's a huge gap between eliminating the occasional filler and bringing back the features you mentioned on a regular basis.



                            @kevinD, you may disagree with how he sent the message, but I think the OP's message is very clearly constructive criticism.



                              Honestly, I'd be ok with the filler if the other articles hadn't been so infrequent or in some cases ignored compared to the past. There was a time where these articles were far more frequent and that just hasn't been the case recently.

                              Anyway, let me restate because I get the feeling that some of you feel like I'm bashing Joe and Dappered and need to come to his defense. I understand time constraints and other issues that come with running a blog. I love Dappered and the Dappered community and still think it's the best blog on the internet. I just wanted to throw my two cents out there on how I thought it could be made better. That's the conversation I was trying to start. What are your thoughts on how the site could improve upon it's already impressive success?