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Navy wool blazer woes

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    It's to the death, I presume? I hope so or I'm going to have trouble justifying all of the medieval weapons I just bought..

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Thanks for the tips everyone. I plan to shop around this weekend & will take everyone's comments into account. Being fairly thin & short, I think I look silly in any blazer with strong shoulder padding. So if I can avoid that, I can trust my tailor to take care if the rest of the fit. I still like the J. Crew Ludlow blazer linked above & can hopefully find one in stores this weekend to try on.

      I wouldn't say the upper bounds of my price range is necessarily affordable, though it is what I am willing to pay to invest in a good blazer that can become a staple of my work wardrobe. But obviously if I can pay less than $400 I'lll be a happy camper



        LOL. I 100% agree that the BB blazer I bought is overpriced, even on sale, considering the quality. It's good quality, but not great.

        I basically just became insanely frustrated trying on 20 different blazers and finally said F it - this one fits, I'll just bite the bullet and cough up the money.

        I will say that I tried on a Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's that actually fit pretty well for around $200 or so. Had it been on sale for closer to $100 I might have jumped on it and just swapped out the buttons.



          zerostyle, when it gets cooler I'll post an outfit with my Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald blazer on WIWT. Then I'll photoshop yours over mine so that I can pretend that mine fits just as well as yours does.



            @bruch: Why did yours not fit? I'm on the thin side (17" shoulders, 37" chest, 32" waist or so), and something about the way the Fitz was cut narrow all the way down worked for me. I imagine anyone with a silghtly bigger build might have trouble with it.

            I just wish that blazer had dual vents instead of the center vent.

            I'm a really frugal guy and big time deal hunter, so splurging $400 really killed me, but I looked forever and just decided I needed one for work.



              zerostyle, I found that the padding in the Fitzgerald navy blazer was almost very stiff and thick. Strangely, the Fitzgerald grey blazer that I have does not have the same shoulders. PS: I paid ~$200 for mine. Just to rub it in. Because yours looks better.



                So I forgot I had promised to do some homework in this thread.

                First of all, the Tyrwhitt blazer came and seemed pretty well-constructed. I've felt nicer wools. It also does fit a bit like a sack (some taper, but not much). I had to size up to a 40 to get shoulders to fit me and I'm currently getting the waist altered. I think it still won't fit as snugly as my suits, but I just got tired of looking. I think it will be worth the $270 I paid for it, although tailoring will be another $100 for me (I know it varies for others out there).

                Also, I returned to Suit Supply today and can absolutely verify that they have a notch lapel Sienna navy blazer for $400. I'm not sure if they have it in other colors. Most of the jackets they were showing were in the Washington, peak lapel, but it seems they have some options for notch lapels that are not currently listed on their website. If you're in the market, you might want to call and ask.


                  So I think this is where most of my Tyrwhitt blazer discussion was posted. I thought I'd report back. Overall, I'm pleased with the blazer. I bought it for around $270 with a coupon. It's currently on sale for over $100 off this price.

                  To quote my impressions here :

                  I think the wool feels pretty good (not as nice as Suit Supply Sienna, but still nicer than some others). There is solid construction. From the inquiries I've made, the jacket is half-canvassed. It's double vented, with a ticke pocket and slanted pockets (for a somewhat slimming effect).
                  Here are some pics:




                  Armholes are not that high:


                    I had the waist taken in a bit as it is not very tapered. It still doesn't have nearly as much waist suppression as, say, the Suit Supply Sienna fit (the jacket form my full suit):


                      Originally posted by redbeardedmike View Post
                      The fit of the blazer looks excellent. Great find!


                        While we're talking about navy wool blazer, I don't own one yet, but really like this one by Hickey Freeman since they're Sterling line fits me near perfectly. How versatile do you think this herringbone design will be?


                          Vicious49, I love herringbone in navy and in charcoal. The only downside is that it can look like a suit jacket rather than a blazer from a distance.

                          On a less practical note, Styleforum snobs may give you grief about the navy on darker navy look.


                            Ditto on how stellar redbeardedmike looks with that ensemble.


                              nick, seems as though you've been a bit MIA lately. welcome back!