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Dress pants/Khakis/Chinos for THUNDER thighs?

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    Dress pants/Khakis/Chinos for THUNDER thighs?

    I'm in the market for new pants for my business casual job/wearing out on the town. Problem is I always have trouble finding pants that fit me correctly. My waist is small compared to my thighs. Size 30-31 waist and size 32+ thighs.

    I'm looking for pants that are more generous in the thighs and have a more tapered leg opening. I wear Levis 514 jeans and those fit me pretty well, except I'd want a more tapered leg at the bottom to wear with dress shoes.

    If anyone has any brands/stores/prices that they can recommend it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    What the what?? Your thighs are 32" or do you mean they fit more in a 32" waist? I'm assuming it's the latter. Otherwise, good god!

    Try a Docker's D2. It's their straight fit. I have pretty big thighs and I love the fit. Biggest thing for you is just trying stuff on. You should be fine in dress pants as they tend to be made a little baggier.

    Another option is to by the 32" waist and have it taken in by your tailor.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      Eyo - if you can wear 514s comfortably, you probably won't get much sympathy from the guys who really do have big thighs! You can probably wear whatever you want.



        I was just about to start a new thread on this. Good thing I did a search first...

        Surely there must be someone out there who suffers this same problem. I have what is officially known as Hockey Ass. I grew up playing it, and if you couple that with a genetic predisposition for big legs AND my love of cycling, you get thights that measure 25" in circumference. My butt is equally sizable, and although I have a 33" waist, I can never simply buy 33x32 pants. For instance, when I purchased my last suit, I got a jacket in my normal 38R and pants in a 36W to accommodate my thighs. I challenge you to a find suit (not suit separates, which I am stuck with for life) with a two inch drop. I dare you!



          I posted on this in a different thread but here's the run down of what I did.

          For reference im 26" per thigh right now if I remember correctly(31 waist would probably just fit) I used to be 30lbs bigger and would wear about a 34 pant perfectly except for my butt and legs, if they were any sort of "fitted" you could probably make out my underwear lines. I had to buy 36 pants and have them taken in at the waist pretty much only option then. Now I can at least get a 33/34 waist in tailored and they fit half decently with a belt.

          and other useful info if you go the raw denim route as most people say size down....i ordered a 33, and it just barely goes on me for the unbranded line anyways. THVM is loose in waist and tiny in legs.



            As far as alterations go, what is the best approach to deal with this? As Shad0w mentioned, there's the option of buying a size up in the waist to fit large legs, which can work. This seems like it would be one with pants that already have the desired taper below the knee. However, pants with any kind of taper, or even many straight fits, tend to have low rises. While a low rise is good for many people, anyone (guy or gal) with junk in the trunk can tell you that once bent over or sitting, the back of those pants will never stay up where it should.

            So what's better: buy a slim/straight fit that fits below the knee and bring in the waist, or buy a relaxed fit in your propper waist size that already fits fine around the seat but needs to have the legs tapered?



              What the... and I thought my 30" waist and 25" thighs were bad.

              Getting trousers that are the correct size for your legs, and then having them taken in at the waist, may be your best option if your thighs are really as big around as your waist. My clothing waist size is more like a 31-32 even though my actual waist is more like 29-30.

              I've actually found that a lot of "slim" fits are pretty good for big thighs/booties. The J.Crew Urban Slim Fit works really well for me and my big thighs. Levi's 514s work well, though I have to size up to 32 from my usual 31.

              Also, I ALWAYS wear a belt. I couldn't function without one. Definitely something to think about if, like me, you tend to buy a slightly larger waist size to compensate for the size or your butt and legs.

              There's also something to be said for becoming accustomed to wearing "tights" pants. Most (though not all) of my pants are pretty form-fitting, which can take some getting used to if you've usually worn "straight fit."