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    Help Choosing Suit

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a senior in college and will be working in a formal position in the admissions office that requires me to dress in business attire. I currently own a standard black suit, a black cord blazer, and a blue blazer and a grey wool blazer. I have been looking to expand by suit collection, but am not sure what the best bet is for someone in my position, or if I should stick to blazers and chinos. I would like to limit the cost as best as possible, with the upper limit being in the Indochino range. I am looking for suggestions for color (navy, charcoal etc.) and supplier. My frame is larger athletic (6'3" 210) which worries me about some of the slim fitting designers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Go with navy or charcoal suits next; if office is truly business attire, that means you'll need to wear suit and tie all the time. I'm a similar build (6'3, 220-5ish), but do fine with most cuts of suits. Definitely try them on to the extent you can get to a store. I've found that Hickey Freeman isn't a bad cut; more on the traditional side, but not billowy. Bonobos suits are decent (may have issues with sleeves, as they don't have Long sizes yet) if you don't mind a more modern cut (i.e., slimmer lapels, higher armholes, slimmer sleeves and pant legs, etc.).



      Yeah, navy or charcoal would be your next suit purchase. I'd say it's very likely you won't have to wear a suit everyday if you don't want to. I think their "business attire" is just sloppy college kid code for business casual.

      For someone your age I'd say don't buy super expensive clothes or a really nice suit just yet for the following reasons.

      1. You're body is still changing. Would be a shame to plunk down a hefty sum for something that may not fit in a year.

      2. You're still 4-5 years away from being able to pull off a suit in a social situation.

      3. You're probably just not starting to graduate your style a little bit. Money would be better spent on other parts of your wardrobe.

      4. You're in college, you should use that money to buy beer and sleep with 18 year olds. You're about to leave the age where that's at all acceptable. Take advantage (of the situation, not of the girl)

      So I'd say buy a decent quality all wool or mostly wool cheap suit. Try on as much as you can and see what you like and what fits. Macy's is probably a good place to start. Kohls has a half decent 100% suit from Chaps that can be had in the low $100s.

      Dress for style, live for results.