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Sell me on Lands End Canvas?

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    Sell me on Lands End Canvas?

    After hearing about them for a long time on Dappered, I finally visited their website. I am impressed. How is their fit in general though? I love the point that I can almost close my eyes and pick an item and know it will fit and look good on me. Also like J. Crew and Sicily. I need a new company to switch things up though. Convince me....or don't!


    From my very limited experience...

    I ordered a pair of slim jeans from LEC, but they were UBER skinny because i have "athletic" thighs, even at 150ish lbs (I'm 5-8). Switched to the straight fit and for me, they're perfectly slim. The main difference with bonobos is that LEC pants are slimmer overall for slim vs. slim and straight vs. straight. (Yes, I think the bonobos straight fit are slightly too loose at the hem.) The LEC pants, however, have a longer rise which isn't as flattering as Bonobos.

    In comparison, I have one pair of Game Day Chinos and another of the normal pants (the ones where the butt pockets show some color, y'know?). I order the same size in both companies. Length is comparable, if not slightly shorter at Bonobos.



      BTW, the LEC jeans I got were 30% off of $35. For a decent fitting denim that I can tear the crap out of, it's worth it. The rise is the slight downside (much more than Levi's 514s, but more comfy in the butt which is too small in Levi's).



        I recently got several pairs of LEC chinos for $3.50, and they are pretty nice, especially for that price -- but I am confident that they are of lower quality than Bonobos, though I don't own any of their stuff to compare. It's not a brand to buy at full price. Wait for a cut rate sale and you'll be happy with what you get.



          The best part of LE and LEC are the insane sales. Things I've picked up:

          Chinos for $3.50 - $15

          Straight fit jeans for $12

          Tons of button down shirts for $12

          Polos for $4

          Cashmere blend sweater for $12

          Shaker shawl cardigan for $15

          Canvas sneakers for $9



            They're alright. Their pants are often nice, they come in a variety of nice colors and fits, and they tend to be pretty slim. Their sweaters can be really nice, as can some of their blazers. From the website, I'm sure you've noticed that plenty of their stuff can be pretty... eccentric, as well. Their OCBDs are pretty solid, traditional, WASPy kind of fashion mainstays. I've found their sizing to be wildly inconsistent, but due to the generous return policy, you can usually find one that fits pretty well. They're slimmer than the average shirt, but people say that to get really slim fitting ones, you need to size down. Once you do that, apparently they can be impressively fitted.

            For full retail, I don't think they're good enough for what you get. Between having to size down, often having to return stuff, and having to wade through a bunch of overdesigned stuff to find something functional, I'd just tell you to go to J Crew and call it a day. The real point of LEC is, as others have mentioned, the absolutely ridiculous sales they have once or twice a season. Are their shirts worth it for $50? I don't think so. 25? Yeah, that's a pretty solid shirt for the price. 12 with an extra 30% off? Hell yeah. As others will attest to, if you play the waiting game, pretty much everything at LEC will be at least 80% off. I have multiple $100 cardigans I paid $15 for, a handful of corduroy pants that were $5 each, and probably a dozen shirts, all of which were $12 or under. That's not even to mention $30 chukkas, $40 Indy lookalikes, and generally pretty cheap boat shoes/basic sneakers. Some of their ties and other accessories can be pretty nice, too.

            So yeah, it's a decent store that is unreasonable at full retail but full of absolutely fantastic deals at 80%+ off.



              LEC is a great deal site. The quality is lower then BR/J. Crew. I would compare it to American Eagle quality. Overall I've had no problems with anything I ordered there. I have 4 pair of Slim Chinos that fit perfect (33x32), a pair of the desert boots (Clarks are still better but for $38 they are wonderful!), a few shirts which fit nicely (comparable to a Target Merona shirt in fit I would think.) And I've ordered a few things for my girlfriend including bathing suits which she loves, and other random crap. Do not ever pay full retail on the site, always wait for a sale and a good promo code. Best part is, if you get free shipping and do not like the product or have size issues, just take it to your local Sears/Lands End and return or exchange it!

              Keep an eye out here:


              I've found some great deals, and if a promo code is floating around BAM DONE DEAL.



                If you like and can afford Bonobos and J. Crew, more power to you. LEC requires a little more effort but is less expensive. I like a lot of their stuff.



                  Their quality control is abysmal, which is a problem for a primarily online business. Decent stuff and decent prices, but I've bought the same thing in multiple colors and gotten dramatically different fits.



                    I haven't had great luck with LEC, but am trying to be openminded and try again. I've found their socks to be pretty nice.



                      Like others, I've had luck with pants, specifically khakis. The heritage oxford is nice, esp. if it fits you. (Sleeves are a little long for me, but I make it work.)

                      Bottom like for me is that I'm often ordering from Land's End anyway, and being able to return to Sears make it zero risk. I can wash it, wear it and still take it back.

                      Just wait for sales and see if you like anything.



                        LEC is hit or miss, but the hits are almost always great deals and, if you have a Sears nearby, the misses are no big deal because you can return them for free. It's worth the hassle for the prices, and the quality is totally acceptable, and in some cases the quality and details are far beyond what I would expect for the price. Fit could be slimmer, but you can size down in shirts (unless you're a size small :P).



                          If possible, try on their jackets before making a purchase online. I've found their sleeves run a bit long (& I have long arms for my height), & ended up giving one jacket I ordered to my brother (same build, but a few inches taller).

                          Many of their jackets have functioning buttons too, so tailoring could be a hassle.




                            I buy LEC accessories when they have the sales: their pocket squares, bags, and ties are good for the money when they're discounted. Unfortunately, a size small shirt is still too big for me (I wear an xsmall in J Crew) so I get left out on a lot. I want to try their pants soon. Agreed that returns are easy with a Sears nearby and I have guiltily kept shirts that are a little too big, for casual wear around the house, because they were so darn cheap on sale.

                            I'm curious though, you mention the brands you like are J. Crew and... Sicily? I'm not familiar with that, is it a brand or is it a nickname for one that I'm missing?



                              I have not had good luck with their sweaters. Definitely too wide, and no possibility to size down since they would then be too short.