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Why no love for Kenneth Cole shoes?

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    Why no love for Kenneth Cole shoes?

    Wondering why Kenneth Cole shoes are not featured more on Dappered. I have been wearing them for about 13 years. While they are expensive and arguable overpriced, I think they are a great shoe, especially when you can get them on sale. Just bought the Quick Thinkers wing tip boot after searching for a good wingtip boot for a couple of years. KC hit it right on the toe shape/ratios are always spot on.

    What is tour opinion of them? Why don't we see them more on Dappered?


    Glock13, there are a number of factors that work against Kenneth Cole shoes.

    1. The quality of materials is terrible. The leather is corrected grain which means, to put it simply, that it is a very low quality leather that has been painted to hide its defects. The shoes are basically spray painted. Quality dress shoes will use calf, suede, or cordovan leather that has been treated so as to preserve the leather's quality and color.

    2. The construction is equally bad. The soles of these shoes are glued to the upper part of the shoe. A proper shoe would be stitched and welted. A stitched/welted shoe can have the sole replaced many times as they wear down. When the Kenneth Cole soles wear down (or begin peeling) you have no choice but to throw them away. Also, the

    3. The shoes themselves are unappealing. They're ugly. Sorry, I don't know how else to put it.



      Bruschetta pretty much hit all the points. I would add Kenneth cole also has history (unfairly perhaps) working against them. They are associated with the spread of the "duck shaped dress shoe pictured below. Shoe construction in this manner is cheaper to produce compared to a much sleeker last. Unfortunately, the mass production of duck dress shoes of KC has proliferated the market and often makes individuals looking for a first dress shoe to think the duck dress shoe is what a normal dress shoe is suppose to look like.



        They make them square toed because they are cheaper to make that way... That explains a lot. Wow.



          That all being said, anyone who wants a well-worn but plenty of life in them pair of simple black duck-shaped KC dress shoes should write me. Will let you take them off my hands for cheap. Size 12.



            To be fair, KC's newer line looks pretty decent even tho the construction and material leaves much to be desired. Could be worth a purchase if you can get them for cheap, otherwise much better offerings out there. I have one pair:



              I agree with a lot of the points stated...especially the square toes. But shoes with worse quality such as the brand that Urban Outfitters carries are regularly featured on here. I have had about 10 pair of KC's and have made many of them daily wearers and I haven't had any fall apart or even start to look beat up.

              I also think they bring a little more "uumph", per say, to the know something al little different, more flashy, but not too much. Just my opinion. I have had good luck with them and wondered why I haven't seen more posts about them on this site. Here is my most recent pair. I tried a few pair of wing-tipped boots including the Urban Outfitters and Allen Edmonds. Neither seemed to fit the bill, but these did.




                To each their own! I've had a Kenneth Cole Reaction roller bag stand the test of time, even though the Reaction line is the lowest.



                  I have a Kenneth Cole Reaction watch that I really like the looks of. That said, the brand annoys me, in party because of his smarmy and even offensive ads. I'm unlikely to buy more KS products.



                    I thrifted a grey cotton pincord suit from KC Reaction. Actually fit well, pretty trim, off the (thrift) rack. At first it was fairly stiff but now it's really comfortable. For $10 it's a great deal... Probably wouldn't pay more than $100 retail though, as it feels like it won't last too long. As for shoes, way before my Dappered days my dad took me to get some nice shoes to go with my first suit. I picked up some square toe Kenneth Coles (I remember the name because I kept thinking, after that day, that I should get some of those someday), and my dad literally said, "Hell no," and got me some nice black calfskin made in Italy J&M captoes. I was resentful because I thought they looked like old man shoes, but accepted his choice since it was a gift. Rarely wore them for about ten years. This spring, I called my dad to thank him for giving me what was then my only good pair of shoes to wear to my interviews and my subsequent job. For graduation he gave me some cash for captoes, and I got brown AE Park Aves. Showed them to him this summer and boy he was proud I didn't pick KC!



                      Just continue to use your own judgment, Glock. There are few completely useless brands and, despite what some may think, no perfect brand. KC has a bed rep for all the reasons stated poor materials, construction, and trendy styles that in the end make no sense (duck toes) etc.

                      That said, some of their stuff can be had for real cheap and, like all things, at certain price points is worth it. I generally think there are five factors to consider:

                      1) quality of materials

                      2) quality of construction

                      3) quality of design

                      4) customer service

                      5) price

                      A lower price can easily outweigh 1&2, so long as 3 is present such as in Acoustic's shoes. (Those look nice!). And so long as the issue with materials isn't something like visibly corrected grain. It's a case by case thing.

                      There's some weird brand loyalty out there in the web-style world (trickle down from SF, I think). Some of it is deserved, some if it is rose-colored glasses.

                      That said, I have on a KC-NY watch right now (was twenty something dollars) and picked up a KC slim fit cotton tan suit for $90 from Macy's last week. At those price points, the positives outweigh the negatives.



                        Yes, good point -- I'd happily wear KC shoes if cheap, reasonably durable and attractive. But that's true of most things I buy regardless of brand.



                          I actually just got rid of a pair of KC single monks. Ive had them for 5+ years and they were still going strong. They were made in Italy and of nice soft leather. However, they were thick rubber-soled and not as square as above, but not quite round either. I bought them long before I found Dappered and the like. I will also say that I have some KC shirts/pants and as a brand they fit me quite well. I definitely check sales racks at Macy's for shirts because of how well they fit. The biggest problem with the pants is that they are mostly synthetic,

                          Countryside Man of Letters



                            It depends on your style as well. I think KC are a bit more on the "trendy" side of fashion. Once in while they will have some classic pairs I would like but only if it is ridiculously discounted (factory priced + clearance). But then again, for a few more bucks- I could just get me another pair of veblens in different color.