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Need advice/help: Southern California style/wardrobe

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    Respectfully but strongly disagree brushetta...

    While inherently more casual, saying that all of Southern California is devoid of style is a pretty ridiculous statement so I'll go ahead and assume you're joking.

    "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



      More excellent advice. I've lived all over: the South, Midwest, SF Bay area, currently in Seattle. Southern California has a unique climate (and some say it's like being on another planet, or maybe thats just the locals!).

      I was just reading a recent boat shoes thread and was wondering if these are popular in Socal?

      they were in the South awhile ago...




        I've always been kinda bummed that it never gets cold enough to wear scarves</blockquote>

        In SF??? I wear scarves in San Diego in the winter time and I know that SD isn't as cold as SF



          Boat shoes are pretty popular, yes. And really, SoCal's climate isn't that different from SF Bay (once you get away from the city itself, of course). Just less rainy and a bit warmer. So if you keep that in mind, you'll be fine.

          (But I suppose San Francisco area is also like being on another planet :P)