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ANyone up for a No-Spend Challenge

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    Yeah there's no way I'll be able to do this. Once I get some grad school clothes then I should be able to...

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Greg, as someone who has spent years in graduate school, and now teaches graduate students: if you wear a collar, chinos, and wingtips, you'll be the best dressed guy grad student they've had in years... But nevertheless I applaud your desire to look sharp on campus.




        Haha, he never posted any rules against sabotaging the competition. I like your style.



          Erm, sorry for double-post.

          @BB - I also plan on starting soon, do you think the same thing applies to MBA programs?




            Alex, from what I've seen, that depends on the school. For presentations and special functions, MBA students across the board seem to dress in business attire (conservative suit, tie). In other settings, including the average class session, they seem to range from very casual to business casual. At my PhD institution, the MBAs were very relaxed in terms of dress, but overall their standard was much higher than the Arts & Sciences, which was where I hung out. I visited another campus once, however, where jackets seemed to be the norm for the business school, which was surprising to me (or maybe there was a special function that day, I don't know).



              @pdx_nate If it was before 12:00am your time on the 14th you can still play.