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ANyone up for a No-Spend Challenge

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    ANyone up for a No-Spend Challenge

    I know Joe did a few posts on this subject on the main site but I thought it would be fun to do it here. No prizes just the satisfaction of saving some money. The rules are simple. Post the last time you bough something and then let's see who can go the longest. The "official" rules

    1. Reply to this thread with the last thing you bought and when you bought it.

    2. If you fall off the wagon post what you bought.

    3. I will post up who is still standing after 30 days on 9/14/2012.

    4. Items that you can't buy: Anything apparel related including but not limited to: shirts, suits, socks, underwear, bags, wallets, ties, cufflinks.

    5. Items you can buy: toilets

    Simple and fun. Who's in?


    The last thing I bought was a Madras shirt from Bonobos on 8/10/2012.



      I'm up for it. Been trying to adhere to as strict a budget as possible due to 3 weddings this summer (2 I was in, 1 just an attendee) taking up a lot of money. There's strength in numbers, so I'm up for the challenge!



        Does it count if you buy something but return it? Hahaha...

        And that Ratio Clothing coupon thread isn't going to help me right now...



          What about items you absolutely NEEDED. I NEEDED a belt.

          If I count the belt, then my last purchase was 7/30/2012.

          If I don't count the belt, then my last purchase was a pair of boat shoes from Bonobos on 7/27/2012.

          Realistically I'll probably not last 30 days. Just being honest.

          But I already save close to 60% of my income. If I cut out these little splurges I may just go nuts.



            What if I..umm...acquire something from Bonobos using store credit? I'm not technically spending any money (I spent the money to buy the store credit months (actually a year) ago.

            Maybe I'm over-thinking this.



              There are some things I "need" (mainly solid t-shirts/undershirts, and a new pair or 2 of jeans), but I can hold out for a month on that.

              Last thing I purchased were the McTavish's during the Nordstrom sale, about 2 weeks ago.



                park avenues during the nordstrom sale purchased july 27



                  I'm up for the challenge.

                  Some Polos from J.Crew: August 6



                    My wife and I just bought a new house and we gutted the kitchen for a remodel, so I've been no-spendning for months. I did buy a Merrell Opti-Wick shirt for running last week for only $15 but that's about it.



                      Just bought some gray v-neck undershirts from Gap this past weekend. I've got enough plaids, sweaters and jackets for the fall and winter, but my kryptonite may be some madras closeouts from this summer.



                        Not with summer closeouts! See me in September.



                          I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn't even make it a week..



                            So this is the group of brave souls. We are on the honor system here. If you buy something fess up.

                            Zack Malibu







                            May the odds be ever in your favor and may the sales not temp you.



                              I'll join in.

                              Last purchase was a "J. Crew" summer dress for my wife a few weeks ago.

                              Good luck.