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Wurkin Stiffs - Are they worth the money?

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    Wurkin Stiffs - Are they worth the money?

    Are Wurkin Stiffs worth the money?

    Looking for peoples opinions that have them.



    I got one pair by themselves (from Nordstrom Rack). I think they are definitely worth it, provided you often wear non-button-down collared shirts without a tie. Much of the summer I'm "business casual," and don't own too many button down collared shirts, so I wear them just about every day from May until September. They do make my shirts look much, much better.



      Or just go normal metal, haven't had any issues with them plus they are cheaper so if you forget to remove them they aren't going through a wash.



        Yes they are worth the money. I have lost two pairs and I replaced them right away. They make shirts look much better in my opinion.



          You can get the same functionality for a lot less money:

          and then get some "rare earth" or "neodymium" disc magnets of a size you like.

          They work great if you want that look, quite formal, straight, and "nailed down" without a button down. And the cheaper option works just as well as the "wurkin stiff" branded product.



            Yes they are worth the money. They make non button down collars look so much better.

            If you are going to get them, I would recommend some sort of carrying case for them. I go straight to the gym after work, and when I throw these in my gym bag they have a habit of sticking to my keys, pad lock, etc making them harder to find next time.



              I have the medium size but would like the small size too for spread collars that have tiny sleeves for the stays.



                I thought for YEARS that they were a waste of time, and was vocal on this forum about the strangeness of wearing magnets on your collar. All that changed when I took the plunge and bought them. The difference will change everything, particularly if you're like me and wear two buttons unbuttoned on your shirt rather than just the top button. Keeping the collar in line with two unbuttoned buttons is damn near impossible without the Stiffs. They're pretty damn cheap anyway, I just bought one size and use it for all of my shirts.



                  @Cause Moe, I did the exact same thing with those amazon collar stays. You get 3 or 4 different sizes, and I bought a set of 10 magnets from the hardware store for less than $10. They do the exact same thing.



                    Went ahead and ordered some

                    Thanks everyone



                      I know you ordered them, but in case you needed more confidence:

                      Own them, find them invaluable for certain outfits/shirts. Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I don't. For the degree of collar control it affords you on all your shirts, they're well worth the price of, essentially, one more shirt. There was a threads a couple months back, though, where a person indicated you could get some makeshift, equally effective ones for much less. I would suggest that route, as if you have doubts as to whether 3 pairs are worth the $40 or so shipped, you'd probably be more than game for 10 pairs for half that.



                        I got mine from Bonobos with a 30% off coupon so I "paid" $28 for them. When I say paid I mean I used the credit I got from referrals. That said I can't say I've actually worn them yet. As of late most of the dress shirts I've worn have been button down.

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                          I did the same thing as Cause Moe. They work great and I feel like I beat the system, so yay for that.



                            Anyone tried the polo stays? I have a couple of button ups that don't have slots and am curious to see how well they work?

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                              I thought about those, but I don't like the idea that they are stuck on there with an adhesive and will only survive n number of washings.

                              Unless they updated them and I'm out of the loop