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Black Lapel: Anyone own one of their suits?

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    Black Lapel: Anyone own one of their suits?

    Who has a Black Lapel suit? Which one? How do you like it? Fit well? Quality fabric and construction?

    Tell us all about it please...


    May be a previously existing thread on this topic, but I'm interested to hear. I've got an Indochino in production and am thinking of trying BL for my next MTM suit. There seems to be a nice following of that company on SF, so evidently they aren't bad.



      I'm going to try one soon myself, Kenneth.

      Anyone else have something to add?



        Going to buy one in a few months too.

        Those are the reviews that convinced me.



          I received mine yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the fit, construction and fabric. I ordered the solid navy blue in Super 110. I ordered the slimmest cut and after reading reviews I was worried it would be too slim. It wasn't; its perfect for what I wanted.




            Just what I was hoping for. You even got the color I'm looking at myself. Good to hear you like it. Any chance you could post a few pics? Maybe even some outdoors or indoors but with really good lighting... Really curious to see the color in some good light and also trying to decide on the fit I'll go with (slim or tailored)... A lot to ask I know but if you can, thanks!



              Black lapel is awesome. I got my first suit from them late July and absolutely love it. Best suit I've ever owned by far. It was the slim fit solid navy blue like rags got above and fit me perfectly. I also have some experience w/ Modern Tailor (only shirts though, not suits), and I have to say black lapel's body measurement system worked way better-- w/ modern tailor I'm still tweaking the fit after 2 shirts (pretty much there now), but black lapel got it on the first try.

              Their customer service is amazing too (again, much better than MTs, which is just OK). I liked my first suit so much that I went back and pretty much immediately bought the light gray suit. This was a bad idea, since I really have no use for a light gray suit, or any second suit for that matter at this point, so I pretty much immediately returned the suit (the suit also fit slightly differently-- a tiny bit looser in the chest, tighter in the pant waist, apparently b/c there was a glitch in their "do not change" message they send to tailors when the first try is perfect, although if I hadn't had a perfect fit the first time I probably wouldn't have even noticed). They were totally accommodating though, even though the return is my fault entirely.

              Anyway long story short I feel bad about it and feel like I gotta vouch for them online now. Black lapel is the bomb. Great product, great fit, friendly/fast/accommodating customer service.



                I placed an order less than two weeks ago and already got my solid navy blue suit (tailored fit) from Black Lapel. Extremely fast service!

                So far I am pretty pleased with my first MTM experience, but I'd love to hear some other opinions. I also have a SuitSupply Napoli on the way for a comparison. Since there aren't any photos on Dappered yet, here are a few. I have attached a few comparison images of a J Crew Factory suit in 38R (wool) without alterations as well to give you an idea of fit for something OTR.

                The suit arrived in a compact box, but came out without too many wrinkles with the standard travel fold technique. Gave it a quick steam before taking pics.

                There was also a basic garment bag included.

                The material is S110 wool, Australian vs Italian. No complaints here. Very dark navy with normal indoor lighting. Interested to see how this compares to the SS.

                The jacket

                Pick stitching

                Harsher light to show the fabric better

                Accent on the 4th buttonhole...something odd happened on this one. The different thread colors blended or something. Hard to notice from a distance, but this is the biggest issue I have in terms of construction. It looks worse if the button is undone. Choosing a lighter thread certainly didn't help here.

                Sous-bras. Nice to see for the price. SS has this in the Sienna line.

                Pocket flap matches the interior lining.

                Overall fit:

                Watch caught the left sleeve in this one.

                Makes me really appreciate how poor my first suit from the Wearhouse was in terms of fit, even after tailoring (jacket only in this shot, shirt cuffs are messed up):

                J Crew Factory 38R in wool for comparison of something OTR (no tailoring yet):

                I requested a slight break for the pants, but I might need to have the pant hem lowered a bit. Hoping the sleeves just need some time and gravity to straighten out. Other than that, I'll ask my tailor if she sees any areas to be improved. Very impressed with the overall fit considering this was done online. I think the slim fit would have been too tight in the pants for me (skiing quads). Pants are comparable to a Bonobos straight fit, maybe slightly trimmer.

                Going to see if BL will do anything about the accent buttonholes.

                Thoughts? Questions?



                  Wow, thanks for the pics and fit comparison. Very helpful!



                    @jddizzy, how are the armholes and how much shoulder padding is there in the blank lapel suit?




                      I'll check later today about the arm holes. Padding seemed comparable to the J Crew, so fairly thin. Got a comment about the shoulders not quite fitting right, and now that I look at the pictures, I think I agree. Going to take it to the tailor today for an opinion and also try Black Lapel's "second opinion" service.



                        Armholes are similar to the J Crew suit and slightly higher than my Bonobos seersucker.



                          Bought tuxedos from them as a gift for my groomsmen. Very impressed with the customer service, and quality. The tuxedos that were sent to me fit 2/4 of my groomsmen. After minor alterations which Black Lapel covered at no cost to me, the end result was the best fitting suit/tuxedo we have ever owned. Their prices are reasonable as well.

                          customer service 5/5

                          quality: 5/5

                          overall: 5/5

                          would definitely buy again when I am in the market for another suit.