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    Thoughts on this jacket

    Recently I got navy linen-cotton pants from Land's End -- the ones that were mentioned favorably by Put This On and the Silentist ( I noticed that Lands End also has a matching jacket that's obviously not meant to be a suit, primarily because of the patch pockets, but a few reviewers note that the colors of the trousers and jacket match exactly. Since I don't have a navy suit, and I live in a hot climate where it would be great to have a navy linen suit for three quarters of the year, I'm contemplating making a navy franken-suit out of these two. Unfortunately, they don't have my size in the tailored fit jacket, but they do have it on a substantial sale in the "traditional fit" (which would get even cheaper from the 25% off sale running right now, as well). Here's a link to the jacket:

    So, a couple of questions:

    1. Are Lands End jackets any good? Worth $125?

    2. Would it be weird to have a suit with patch pockets?

    3. Is the traditional fit so boxy as to be unworkable? I'm a bigger guy than most of you, but just as an example, the Thompson Factory suit fits well on me without tailoring.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you all may have.


    I have those same pants in the navy color and the sand color. However, the sand is more like a white color, and it's more transparent than I'd like it to be.

    In general, I tend not to want to try to mix suit separates. However, you might be ok since it looks pretty close and it's from the same company.

    1. I've had the chance to look at some Land's End jackets from thrifting, but haven't seen any ones recently. If they're consistent in quality, then I would say they're not bad.

    2. Patch pockets on a suit jacket tend to indicate a more casual suit.

    3. I've found that most Land's End clothes are a half to full size larger than I need them to be, so I need to size down. However, the J. Crew fit tends to be more true to size. A little tailoring wouldn't hurt, but perhaps you do not have access to an inexpensive tailor. I count myself fortunate that I do.

    I'd say go for it. The worst that can happen is you get it and it's not the same color so you send it back. Or keep it to wear with khaki, white, off-white, etc. pants and not as a suit with the navy pants. You can determine the fit to see if it's worth tailoring or not as well.



      This is great advice, thanks for taking the time to answer!