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Garment bag for travel?

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    Garment bag for travel?

    How do people pack suits when traveling? Separate garment bag or just existing suitcase? Wondering the best way to pack a couple suits for a short trip to the east coast. Any suggestions for decent looking garment bags?



    Separate garment bag. Unfortunately, I don't have any good suggestions for you as I inherited mine. Look for lightweight ones with a couple extra pockets inside and out. It's nice to have space for shoes, etc.

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      I just went on a ten day trip to Europe with a suit, two trousers and a sport coat, and fit everything in one rolling carry-on. This folding method works -- I had almost no wrinkles after a transatlantic flight and two connections. One tip: pack all wool clothes. They hang out small wrinkles overnight. Here's a link to the method:

      And here's another method that claims to be better:



        I have four ways, depending on how many suits I'm bringing and what bags I'm traveling with.

        One is similar to BB's method. It definitely works, although I honestly don't do it often.

        I have an Eagle Creek Garment Sleeve. Good for one or two suits. Two suits is tight though. As long as you can put it in your back without crushing it, you'll get a few creases that will go away with one night in the closet or a quick steam. I use this the most, because it will drop into one pocket of my most commonly used bag, a Red Oxx Air Boss.

        I also have a WallyBags garment bag. A good amount of protection, will hold a few suits, and is fairly soft, so it can be carried on and fit in the overhead (or if you can get them to hang it up for you, even better).

        Lastly, I have a pretty heavy duty Samsonite rolling garment bag. It'll hold five suits, keep them in nice shape, and can be checked. I almost never use this, although it comes in handy when I need to carry a lot of stuff, and plan to check a bag (something I do 1 out of every 25 flights, give or take). Unfortunately, Samsonite really doesn't make high quality stuff (not compared to any of the other brands I've mentioned) so it hasn't held up well. I think it is about spent, and I doubt I'll replace it.

        It really depends on how you want to travel, how you'll pack the rest of your stuff, and what your regular suitcases are.